广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理


一、熟悉课文重点词汇和短语。 (广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理)

1. 单词翻译。

①________n. 剧场;电影院 ②________adj.舒适的;充裕的 

③________n. 屏幕;银幕 ④________adj.最坏的;最差的 

⑤________v. 选择;决定  ⑥________adv.小心地;认真地

⑦ ________n. 记者  ⑧________adj.新鲜的;清新的

⑨________adv.舒服地  ⑩ ________adj.更坏的;更差的

2. 单词翻译。

①________v. 服务  ②________adv.相当地adj.漂亮

③ ________n. 一餐;膳食 ④________adj.创造的,创造性的  

⑤________n. 天赋;才能⑥ ________n. 魔术师 ⑦________n. 奖品;奖金 

⑧________ adj.可怜的;贫穷的⑨ ________n. 新闻;消息 

⑩________ adj.教育的;有教育意义的

3. 单词翻译。

①________n. &v.打算;计划 ② ________v. &n.希望

③________n. 讨论;谈论  ④________v. 站立;忍受

⑤ ________vi.发生;碰巧 ⑥________v. 预期;期待;盼望 

⑦________adj.无意义的  ⑧ ________n. 行为;活动

⑨________n. 卡通;漫画 ⑩________adj.著名的;有名的

4. 单词翻译。

① ________v. 变成;成为  ②________adj.富有的;丰富的 

③________adj.成功的;圆满的 ④ ________adj.主要的;最重要的

⑤________n. 原因;理由 ⑥________vt.丢失;失败 vi.失败

⑦ ________adj.简单的;易做的 ⑧________n. 军队;陆军 

⑨________n. 工程师   ⑩ ________n. 小提琴手

5. 单词翻译。

①________n. 飞行员 ②________n. 钢琴家  ③ ________n. 科学家  

④________n. 大学  ⑤________n. 教育  ⑥ ________n. 药,医学  

⑦________n. 文章,论文    ⑧________v. 邮寄,发送 

⑨ ________adj.外国的  ⑩________v. 讨论,商量

6. 单词翻译。

①________n. 承诺,诺言 ② ________v. 改进,改善 ③________n. 业余爱好  

④________adj.本人的,拥有 ⑤________adj.个人的,私人的 

⑥________n. 关系;联系

7. 短语翻译。

①离……近________  ②到目前为止________

③共同;共有________ ④世界各地;全世界________

⑤例如 ________ ⑥认真对待 ________

⑦认为________ ⑧(梦想、希望)实现;达到________


8. 短语翻译。


②尽某人最大努力________   ③打扮;梳理________

④代替;替换________ ⑤干得好________

⑥碰巧做某事________ ⑦盼望做某事________

⑧成长;长大________ ⑨对……有把握________

二、语法训练。 (广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理)

9. the other,the others,other,others,another 辨析

①________ 表示特指两个或者两部份中的另一个或另一部分,可直接接单数名词或复数名词。表示两个中的一个……另一个……时,常用________。例:

He has two brothers,one is a teacher,________ is a doctor.

There are forty students in our class,twenty­ one are girls,________ nineteen are boys.

②________ 特指某一范围内的其他的(人或物),是the other的复数形式,相当于the other+复数名词。the other + 名词复数=any other + 名词单数。例:

You two stay here,________ go with me.

③other 作代词或形容词,可修饰可数名词单数或复数。例:

We learn Chinese,maths,English and ________ subjects.


Some students are doing homework,________ are talking loudly.

⑤another 泛指同类事物中的三者或三者以上的"另一个",只能代替或修饰单数可数名词。例:

I don't like this one. Please show me ________ one.

10. I like to follow the story and see what happens next.我喜欢跟着故事情节看接下来会发生什么事。

①happen v. 发生,一般指偶然发生,主语为事,不能为人。

sth. + happens to sb.某人发生了某事

A traffic accident ________ his elder brother yesterday. 昨天他哥发生了交通事故。

sth + happens + 地点/时间,意为:某地/某时发生了某事

An accident happened on Park Street.公园街发生了一起事故。

②happen v. ,表示"碰巧",主语可以是人,后常跟动词不定式to,表示"碰巧……".

sb. + happens to do sth. 某人碰巧做某事

I ________ my uncle on the street.在街上我碰巧看到了我叔叔。

③take place 意为"发生,举行,举办",一般指非偶然性事件的"发生",即这种事件的发生一定有某种原因或事先的安排。例:

Great changes have taken place in China.

The meeting ________ next Friday. 下周将举行一次会议。

11. ……,but you can expect to learn a lot from them,……,但你能期待从他们身上学到很多,……

expect v. 期待,盼望,预期,后常接四种结构:

1)expect + 名词/代词,期待某事/某人,预计……可能发生。

I'm ________ Li Lin's letter.

2)________ 预计做某事

Lily expects to come back next week.

3) expect sb. to do sth.

I ________ early. 我期待我妈妈早点回来。

4)expect + 从句 预计……

I expected________. 我预计我下周一回来。

12. He is a serious man.他是一个严肃的人。

________ adj. 严肃的,认真的。


Peter is serious about Jenny. He wants to get married to her.


He's serious about selling his house.

13. when 与 while 的区别

________表示"当……时候",既指时间点,又指一段时间,when 引导的时间状语从句中的动词可以是终止性的也可以是延续性的。

When the teacher came in,the students were talking.

When she arrives,I'll call you.

________表示"当……时候",仅指一段时间,从句中的动作必须是延续性的,一般强调主从句的动作同时发生, while还可以作并列连词,意为"而、却",表示对比关系。

Lisa was singing while her mother was playing the piano.

Tom is strong while his younger brother is week.

14. I'm going to practice basketball every day.我打算每天练习篮球。

everyday 与 every day 区别

________adj. 每天的;在句中作定语,位于名词前。

This is our everyday homework.

________副词短语, 在句中作状语,位于句首或句末。

He reads books every day.

三、单项选择。 (广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理)

15. He doesn't play ________ basketball well,but he plays ________ piano wonderfully.
A . the;/ B . the;the C . /;the D . /;/
16. I don't like this backpack. Please show me ________one.
A . other B . the other C . another D . the another
17. My brother is ________ than any other boy in his class.
A . athleticer B . more athletic C . athletic D . most athletic
18. — ________ does your brother go to the library?

— Once a week.

A . When B . How often C . What D . How soon
19. — What's she doing this summer holiday?

— She ________ for her sister.

A . babysits B . babysitter C . is babysitting D . babysat
20. — What's today?

— I don't know. Let's look at the ________.

A . calendar B . notebook C . schoolwork D . postcard
21. — Can you come to my birthday party?

— ________________

A . That's too bad. B . No,they can't. C . Sure,I'd love to. D . I don't love.
22. Although I want to buy a computer,________ I don't have enough money.
A . / B . but C . so D . and
23. The mother tiger knows that the baby tiger can't look ________ itself.
A . for B . at C . after D . up
24. It takes ________ two hours ________ every day.
A . I;read B . my;read C . me;to read D . me;reading
25. She often gets to school ________ her bike.
A . at B . by C . over D . on
26. I'm going bike riding to the Great Wall after I finish ________ the book.
A . to write B . writes C . writing D . wrote
27. She should ________ a dentist if she has a toothache.
A . look at B . watch C . look D . see
28. You shouldn't ________ a baby alone in the house.
A . to leave B . leave C . leaving D . left
29. Your book is on the desk. ________ is in my bag.
A . My B . Mine C . I D . Me
30. My mother doesn't ________. She had a bad cold.
A . feel well B . feeling well C . feeling good D . feels good
31. Liu Ying is not ________ good at sports ________ her sister.
A . much;than B . a little;than C . as;so D . so;as
32. He wants to know ________.
A . where Jim lives B . where does Jim live C . where Jim live D . where does Jim lives
33. An hour means ________ minutes.
A . sixth B . sixty C . sixteen D . six
34. — ________?

— I have a fever.

A . How often do you exercise B . What's the matter C . Where are you going D . What do you do

四、完形填空 (广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理)

35. 根据短文理解,从A、B、C、D四个选项中选择最佳答案填空。

   Jimmy is five years 1. He is a lovely boy. He plays 2 other children in a small park each day. The park is near his building.

   His mother buys new clothes for 3. The clothes are expensive and nice. Jimmy is very happy.

   "Mom,can I go out and play with my friends? I want them to 4 my new clothes," asks Jimmy.

   "Yes,please keep your clothes 5," says his mother. "I'm going to do some cooking. We'll 6 supper after your father comes back." 7 six o'clock Jimmy's father comes back from work,Jimmy goes home for supper.

   "Why do you have so much earth(泥土)on your clothes?" 8 his mother.

   "Because I have some falls(跌倒)," answers Jimmy.

   "You shouldn't make the nice 9 dirty," says the mother.

   "I'm sorry,Mom," says Jimmy,"I had 10 time to take off(脱下) my clothes when I fell."

五、读写综合 (广东省广东中考人教新目标(Go for it)八年级上学期Units 4-6教材梳理)

36. 信息归纳。下面是一篇有关Tom的短文。根据所提供的信息,完成信息卡内容。

   Tony,a 14-­year-­old Chinese school boy,lives in Guangzhou with his parents. Tony is his English name. Tony began to love computer games three years ago.

   Every day,he spends most of his time playing computer games. Usually he plays until midnight in his room. But his parents don't know. And he never takes sports. What's more,he loves junk food very much. He eats it more than four times a day. Bad lifestyle makes him unhappy. He is tired in class. So he can't study well. And he is often ill. Yesterday he had a fever and cough,and he didn't go to school.

Information Card


Is Tony an English boy?



How old is Tony?



Does Tony exercise every day?



How often does Tony eat junk food?



What was the matter with Tony yesterday?


37. 书面表达。假如你是Tony的朋友Carl,你知道Tony生病了。请写一封e­mail问候他,并对他的学习和生活给予一些好建议:希望他认真学习,不要玩太多的电子游戏,少吃垃圾食品,多进行体育锻炼,同时你也相信他能好好学习,身体健康。(单词数70个左右。)

Dear Tony,

  I'm sorry that you were ill yesterday. …