一、单项选择(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

1. It's important to trust yourself. It is the __________________ to success.
A . grade B . money C . address D . secret
2. Parents should always keep an eye on little children,__________________ they may get lost.
A . so B . but C . or D . and
3. In the past,we got __________________ information from paper books.
A . hardly B . mainly C . loudly D . recently
4. — There is no time for me to be here.

— __________________ you wait for my boss a few more minutes? He is on the way.

A . Must B . Could C . Should D . Might
5. — Are those kites over there yours ?

— No. Go and ask Peter. .They may belong to __________________.

A . he B . his C . him D . himself
6. Jack,__________________ dirty your hands are! Go and wash them quickly.
A . how a B . what C . what a D . how
7. The safety of food has become one of _________________ problems in our daily life.
A . important B . more important C . much important D . the most important
8. — Have you found the information about famous people __________ you can use for your report?

— Not yet. I'll search it after school.

A . which B . who C . what D . whom
9. Physics __________________ much easier for me since Mrs. Yang began to teach us.
A . have been B . has been C . was D . were
10. — Tom,can you tell me __________________ to Lao She Tea House tomorrow?

— By subway.

A . how will you go B . how did you go C . how you will go D . how you went

二、完形填空(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

11. 阅读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后从各小题所给的四个选项中选出最佳选项。

   Do you ever watch old movies? Maybe you willsee one with Carole Lombard. She was a famous1inthe 1930s. She died when she was only 34. In her2lifeshe made 70 movies!

   Lombard's real name was Jane Alice Peters. In1921,she was playing baseball in the3near her home. A moviedirector4her and decided to put her in a movie.She was only 13 at the time. The movie was one of the last silent movies. Sheacted so well that she5the hearts of some people. At 16,sheleft school to act.

   In 1925,she had an agreement with a6studio,20th Century Fox. The studio gave7a new name,and she,acted inseveral films. Then,at age 18,she was in a bad car accident. The accidentleft scars (伤疤) on her face. The studio broke the agreement,but she did not8. She continued to act.

   It was Paramount Studio that made Lombard a9.She made many movies for the studio. She also married two of their stars. Lombardwas married to actor William Powell for only 23 months,10sevenyears later,she married the great love of her life,actor Clark Gable. It wasa great Hollywood love story.

三、阅读理解(共15小题,每小题2分,计30分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

12. 阅读理解

   As a little boy,there was nothing I liked better than Sunday afternoons at my grandfather's farm in western Pennsylvania. Surrounded by miles of winding stonewalls,the house and farm provided endless hours of fun for a city kid like me.

   I can still remember one afternoon when I was eight years old. Since my first visit to the farm,I'd wanted more than anything to be allowed to climb the stonewalls surrounding the farm. My parents would never agree. The walls were old;some stones were missing,others loose and falling into pieces. Still,my wish to climb across those walls grew so strong that finally,one spring afternoon,I summoned (鼓起) all my courage and entered the living room,where the adults had gathered after Sunday dinner.

   "I,uh,I want to climb the stonewalls," I said hesitantly. Everyone looked up. "Can I climb the stone walls?" Immediately a chorus went up from the women in the room. "Heavens,no!" they cried,"You'll hurt yourself!" I wasn't too disappointed;the response was just as I'd expected. But before I could leave the room,I was stopped by my grandfather's loud voice. "Now hold on just a minute," I heard him say,"Let the boy climb the stone walls. He has to learn to do things for himself."

   "Go," he said to me,"and come and see me when you get back." For the next two and a half hours I climbed those old walls and had the time of my life. Later I met with my grandfather to tell him about my adventure. I'll never forget what he said. "Fred," he said,smiling widely,"you made this day a special day just by being yourself. Always remember:there's only one person in this whole world like you,and I like you as you are."

   Many years have passed since then,and today I host the television program Mister Rogers' Neighborhood,seen by millions of children throughout America. There have been changes over the years,but one thing remains the same:my message to children at the end of almost every visit.

   "There's only one person in this whole world like you," the kids can count on hearing my say,"and people can like you as you are."

(1) Which of the statements is TRUE according to the passage?
(2) Why wasn't Fred allowed to climb the stonewalls at first?
(3) What can we infer from the passage?
13. 阅读理解

   Albert Einstein was born in Germany,on March 14,1879. He grew up in Germany,Italy,and Switzerland. Einstein taught himself Geometry(几何) when he was 12 years old. He graduated from college in 1900. From 1902 to 1907,Einstein worked as a clerk in the office in Switzerland. His job left him plenty of time to think.

   Isaac Newton was born in England,on December 25,1642. He was not a good student. His mother took him out of school so that he could help her with the family farm. Newton did not like farming. He liked to read and study on his own. A teacher knew that Newton was very smart and helped him go to the University of Cambridge.

   After Newton graduated he went back to the family farm for two years. He came up with many of his greatest ideas from 1665 to 1667 while he was alone in the countryside.

   Marie Curie was born in Poland in 1867. Though Marie was very good in school,no university in Poland at that time accepted female students. In 1891,Marie traveled to Paris,France. She attended the Sorbonne,a famous college in Paris. Marie studied Physics and Maths and graduated at the top of her class! She also met a French chemist named Pierre Curie. They married in 1895.

(1) Who did Einstein learn Geometry from when he was 12 years old?
(2) What did Newton's mother take him out of school for?
(3) Which of the following is NOT true?
14. 阅读理解

   Was it probable that Tang Dynasty poet Li Baiand Western hero King Arthur meet and fight against each other? Yes. In a gamecalled King of Glory(王者荣耀). Created by Chinese companyTencent,King of Glory was one of the most popular MOBA games in China in 2017.

   About one in every seven Chinese people playsthe game,and 55 million of them play it every day. The game is easy forbeginners. Social media like QQ and WeChat have also helped the game'scommunity grow. New players can be invited to play the game by their WeChatcontacts(联系人),with some seeing it as a good way tokeep in touch with old friends and make new ones.

   The game has more than 60 characters to unlockand play as you progress,each with their own special style and abilities.' Thecharacters cover different times and countries. Some are real historicalcharacters,like Li Bai. Some are not. Players,use them to fight against each otheror team up to fight. The winners can reach higher ranks(排名).

   However,some people think King of Glory givesthe students incorrect information about events and people in history. For example,the poet Li Bai is described as a killer;Jing Ke,the man who tried to killthe first emperor of China,is a girl in the game. But more people worry aboutchildren playing the game too much and spending too much money on it. Most ofthe players are below the age of 19. It's reported that a 17-year-old boy had astroke (中风) after playing the game for 40 hours.

   To change the situation,Tencent added a timelimit feature to the game to prevent kids from playing too much. From July 4,2017,children under 12 years old can play the game for only one hour a day,while users between 12 and 18 get two hours. Those who try to play beyond thetime limit will be locked out of the game.

(1) Which of the following is TRUE about King of Glory?
(2) Where do you think we may read this passage?
(3) What is Paragraph 4 mainly about?
(4) The best title of the passage is _________________.
15. 阅读理解

   On January 27,in order to win the new pneumoniaResistance War(抗击新型肺炎战),the Ministry of Educationissued(公布) a notice on putting off the start time ofschool in spring 2020. It was said that school should not start before February17. The exact start time of school will depend on situations and furthernotices.

   However,many parents are very worried that putting off the start of school may affect children'sstudies. If they have such a long winter vacation,children will not learn any knowledge,read books or study at all. They may forget what they have learned before. Stayingat home for a long time will make them keep eating,sleeping and playing,whichseriously affect their physical and mental health.

   In short,the close of school influenceslearning and develops bad habits,so how should we avoid these problems? Localeducation departments have also issued a notice,that is,to organize onlineteaching,and .create a network platform(平台),wherenecessary,courses will be shown every day,and online teaching will be givenby excellent teachers of the subject,and students can learn at home throughcomputer or mobile network.

   It should be said that such a method is verygood. It can not only keep students indoors and not worry about the infection (感染)of the disease,but also make them study at home,improve theirlearning ability,and truly achieve "no suspension of classes".Both,the platform itself and the recorded lesson resources are more useful,and are welcomed by parents and teachers.

   Of course,except for learning at home,it isalso necessary to teach children about health knowledge,especially how to keepaway from touching virus and other knowledge popularization;at the same time,it is also necessary for children to do some physical exercises or some games,which is good for physical health at home.

(1) Parents worried about putting off the start time of school because _________________.
(2) Except for learning at home,what is also necessary according to the writer?
(3) The underlined word" suspension" in Paragraph 4 probably means _________________.
(4) Which is TRUE according to the passage?
(5) What's the best title for this passage?

四、任务型阅读(共5小题,每小题2分,计10分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

16. 阅读短文,并按要求完成问题。.

   The play takes place in a typical,old Beijingteahouse. The main characters are teahouse's owner (Wang Lifa) and hiscustomers,who all live in the same neighborhood. They come in and out of theteahouse and talk to each other.

   The play reflects(反映)changes in the lives of almost 70 characters. It includes three parts. Thefirst act takes place in 1898 at the time of the Qing Dynasty. The second actjumps forward 20 years and the final act takes place in 1948.

   In Teahouse,the writer Lao She says goodbyeto the old Chinese society and hello to the new one. It's about the changesthat have taken place in Chinese society in almost 50 years. All types ofpeople come to the teahouse in Beijing. Some come to do business. Others come justto sit and pass the time. There are some good,kind people and there are alsosome bad,nasty(讨厌的) characters. They meet,they talk,they argue,they gossip(闲聊)and then they get on withtheir lives.

   Teahouse was first put on in 1958. It is stillone of the most popular plays in China. It is a favourite work by Lao She,oneof China's most popular writers. Anyone who is interested in Chinese lifeand history should see the play. It helps one to understand Chinese culturebetter.

(1) It's about the changes that have takenplace in Chinese society in almost half a .
(2) Teahouse is one of ;plays inChina.
(3) When was the play first put on?
(4) 找出并写下第二段的主题句
(5) 将文中画线句子译成汉语。

五、词语运用(共10小题,每小题1分,计10分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

17. 根据短文内容及所给提示,补全单词或用所给单词或短语的适当形式填空。

   Next time you hold a book in your hands,stopand think. Like most other things in the modern world,it is the result ofthousands of years of human invention.

   First came the invention of writing,________(probable) about 5,500 years ago. With writing,people did not have to remembereverything in their heads. They could communicate with people that they never ________(see) and share their knowledge with future generations.

   Later,the Greeks were well-known for theirliterature (文学) and science,but their "books"looked very different f ________ the books of today. They were calledscrolls (卷轴).They were difficult to use and took a lotof space in a library. About 2,000 years ago,books with lots of pages ________(invent).

   For more than a thousand years,the pages ofbooks were made from animal skin. That changed in t________ thirteenthcentury,when Europeans learned about a very ________ (use) Chineseinvention:paper.

   But the biggest change for books in Europecame in 1439,when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press. Before that,books in Europe were copied by hand,so they were very expensive. Many morepeople could afford the books ________ were produced on a printingpress.

   These days it is difficult ________ (imagine)a world without books. But human invention does not stop. Every year,more ________(story) are bought as e-books and read on a screen.

   Will anyone turn the pages of a traditionalbook in the future,________ will books,like scrolls soon disappear?

六、连词成句(共5小题,每小题1分,计5分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

18. 将所给词语连成句子,标点已给出。要求:符合语法,语句通顺,大小写正确,词语不得重复使用。
(1) into,put,the,books,box,these(.)
(2) students,in,are,room,there,any,the,reading(?)
(3) play,how,they,well,football(!)
(4) my,her,brother,wash,will,feet,for(.)
(5) English,speak,she,nor,I,neither(.)

七、书面表达(计15分) (河北省衡水市景县第二中学2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语4月复学摸底试卷)

19. 学习方法、自我反省、合作交流、同伴互评是学习过程中最重要的几个方面。其中,有效的学习方法能使你的学习境界大开,让学习成为一种享受。在你初中三年的学习过程中,你一定会有一些好的学习方法与你的同伴分享,请按以下的要求写一篇短文,内容须包括以下几点:

1)your good learning methods

2)an experience that you helped yourpartners

3)your thoughts and feelings