一、单项选择(本大题共15小题,每小题1分,共15分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

1. According to the doctor's advice,we can't eat    these days. It's bad for our health.
A . fish B . fishes C . a fish D . one fish
2. There are fifty students in Class One. Twenty of them are boys;       are girls.
A . the other B . the others C . others D . another
3. —I know      dogs like barking.

—You are right. Look!        dogs are shouting angrily over there.

A . the;the B . /;/ C . the;/ D . /;the
4.        month of the year is June.
A . Seven B . The seventh C . Six D . The sixth
5. The sunshine goes      the window and enlightens the darkroom.
A . through B . across C . cross D . over
6. I wonder      you are homed by the police.
A . why B . how C . when D . where
7. —Would you like some coffee?

—Yes,and please get me some milk. I prefer coffee      milk.

A . on B . to C . for D . with
8. It is in the library. You      talk loudly.
A . may not B . wouldn't C . needn't D . mustn't
9. Hurry up. The train       in twenty minutes.
A . left B . has left C . is leaving D . has been away
10. —How was your trip?

      . I hope I can go there again.

A . Wonderful B . Just so so C . Not very good D . Nothing special
11. —That must be Mr. John.

—No,it           be him. I saw him off at the airport half an hour ago.

A . may not B . mustn't C . can't D . needn't
12. Don't          today's work for tomorrow. Today's work must be done today.

A . put up B . put out C . put off D . give up
13. — Why do you speak in         a loud voice?

—Because I want to make myself           clearly.

A . such;hear B . so;heard    C . such;heard D . so;hear
14. —The cost of food and clothing is going up nearly every day.

—Yes,the price of vegetables is much         than before.

A . expensive B . higher C . high D . cheaper
15. There are so many foggy days these days. We all want to know        .

A . How we can do to prevent it B . How can we do to prevent it C . What we can do to prevent it D . What can we do to prevent it

二、完形填空(本大题共20小题,每小题1分,共20分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

16. 完形填空

   11-year-oldJerome is good1running.He usually wins all of the races at Serpentine Primary School in Australia.

   However,after giving up2a recent school race,the boy has wonhearts of3 people. In the race,the kind boy ran back towalk with his good friend Seth and let him4thefinishing line first.

   10-year-oldSeth was born with cerebral palsy(脑).Sincehe moved to the school last year,he5a lot of problems at school. Luckily,Jerome6to help him by the teachers with thingslike going to the toilet and showing him around. The two boys soon became goodfriends Because of his7Seth has a big head,some students laughat his appearance. Jerome usually has a word with Tom,asking them8that.Seth's father can't thank Jerome enough for looking after his son." He is9goodkid." The two boys' story has spread quickly after Jerome's mother Susanshared it on social media." These boys are champions10theydidn't win,"said the proud mother.

17. 完形填空

The Sweetest Sight

   I wasin the most beautiful city in the world,yet I only wanted home.

   Itwas an amazing week for my husband and me-the trip of a lifetime. Months ago,whenmy husband told me that he would have a meeting in London. I expressed my1togo to Europe together with him. Then we asked his mother to2our two children and started off.

   Duringthe week's time, 3visited London and Paris-as much as wecould,Big Ben,the Louvre and so on. All these were beautiful places weexpected to see before. We really enjoyed ourselves.

   Onour last night in Paris,4we enjoyed the night view(夜景)of the Eiffel Tower,myhusband called home. His mother5thephone. In a second,my husband's face fell and he looked so worried. I couldfeel something6happened.

   "What'swrong?" I asked.

   Hedidn't answer and continued to listen. A few minutes later,he said7to me that Tony,our seven-year-old son,hadfallen off his bike and8his leg. He must be sent to hospital atonce.

   Atthat moment,Paris suddenly lost its charm(魅力).

   "Idon't want to be here!I shouldn't be here!I should be home9my kids!"

   Wehurried back to our hotel and then to the airport...

   Finally,we got home. We rushed into our children's bedroom. Seeing our two children,Isuddenly realized the truth:there is no10sight(风景)in the world thanyour children's faces that greet you at home.

三、补全对话(本大题共5小题,满分5分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

18. 根据对话内容,从方框内的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项,其中有两个为多余选项。

Itis the Lantern Festival today. Lin Jie comes to meet his American friend Jim.

Jim:Hi,Lin Jie. Nice to see you.


Jim:Sweet dumplings?________ I know people eat them on the Lanternfestival.

LinJie:How great you are!________

Jim:Well,on the day people will watch lanternshows at night and guess the riddles on the lanterns. The festival is on the15th of the first lunar(农历)month.It is handed down from Tang Dynasty(唐朝),________

LinJie:So glad to hear that I am proud of you. Now it's time to cook thedelicious food.________

A. What else do you know about this festival?

B. Here are some sweet dumplings for you.

C. Do you want to know more about it?

D. You know I really love Chinese culture.

E. I'm fine.

F. I hope you will like it.

G. Wow,thanks!

四、阅读理解(本大题共17小题,满分34分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

19. 阅读理解

   My14-year old son,John,and I saw the coat at the same time in a second-handclothing store. It stood out among big and old coats. It was so beautiful andhad a unbelievable price,$28.I looked at my son and we both said nothing,butJohn's eyes shone. Dark,woolen coats were popular with teenage boys,but newones could cost several hundreds dollars. This coat was even better. John triedit on and turned from side to side,eyeing himself in the mirror. It fit him sowell John wore the coat to school the next day. After he came home,I asked,"Didthe kids like your coat?"

   "Theylove it,"he said with a big grin.

   Overthe next few weeks,John changed. He was polite,less argumentative(争辩的),more thoughtful,andmuch happier." Good dinner,Mom,"he would say every evening. Withouta word of complaining,he would carry in wood for the stove. One day when Isuggested that he might start on his homework before dinner,John,who alwaysput things off,said,"You're right. I guess I will." When I mentionedthis change to one of his teachers,she joked that the coat must have changedhim.

   Johnand I both know we should never judge a person by his clothes. But it is truethat when wearing beautiful and suitable clothes,we may try to be better inthought,speech and behavior to match what is on the inside to what is on theoutside.

(1) What can we learn from the 1st paragraph ?
(2) What does the underlined word "grin" mean?
(3) What did John used to do when he was asked to study?
(4) What does the writer want to say through this passage ?
20. 阅读理解

   Nowadays,phone calls and messages help us communicate with others more often. It meansthat we seldom write letters now. But a TV show. Letters alive,is bringingback this old habit.

   LettersAlive invites famous actors and actresses but there are no funny jokes ordifferent competitions. Instead,only one person walks up to a microphone andreads a letter. The letters were written by people from different times inhistory. For example,in one episode(集),they read a letter written by the famous writer Xiao Hong to her youngerbrother in 1941.

   Theletter shows that Xiao Hong missed her brother so much and had great hopes forhis future.

   "Everyletter opens another world for us," said Guan Zhangwen,the director ofthe TV show. "It seems that we can experience the real lives and feelingsof the writers". Since its first episode on December 5,2016,LettersAlive has been widely praised. Many audiences(观众)saythat it has provided a breath of fresh air to today's TV shows.

   BesidesLetters Alive,some other cultural TV shows have also attracted(吸引)Chinese audiences. Theyinclude the Chinese Poetry Conference,a traditional Chinese poetry competitionand Readers,a program that invites people to read poems and articles they likeor wrote. It suggests that cultural values and true feelings are becoming ourinterest.

(1) Letters Alive,a TV show,invites famous people to      .
(2) How many TV shows are mentioned in the passage?
(3) Chinese audiences      the TV shows mentioned in the passage.
(4) This article is probably taken from the section of      in a newspaper.
(5) According to the passage,which of the following is RIGHT?
21. 阅读理解

   WonderfulFriends,a 3-month-long reality weekly show on Hunan TV,came to an end. Butdifferent people have different ideas about it.

   Theshow invited six stars to work with other four zookeepers in Chimelong SafariPark(长隆野生动物园).Theshow is a programming success for Hunan TV. But animal welfare advocates(动物保护主义者们)say that is exactly amisleading(误导)tothe public about the needs of animals. They think that the TV companycreated" stressful and harmful situations" for those animals just inneed of amusement.

   Butthe fact is,people are more interested in TV shows with stars than indocumentaries. Animal protection expert Deng Xuejian said". The program isa good way to get people closer to animals. "Animals Asia Foundation andCEO Jill Robinson was also glad to see that more and more Chinese citizensshowing concern for animals." When I first began working in thecountry from 1985,there was one welfare group for animals in Beijing. And nowthere are over 100."

   Robinsaid on the website of Animals Asia." Today,we work with them to give avoice to wild and companion animals.

   Theyshould not be 'medicine' or food' any longer."

(1) How often could people watch Wonderful Friends during its show?
(2) What do Animal welfare advocates think of Wonderful Friend?
(3) What does the underline word "concern" mean in Chinese?
(4) How do you understand the underlined sentence?
22. 阅读理解

   Mostkids in Britain have pet bears. This animal is both furry(毛茸的)and friendly. But itcannot move or make any noise. That's because it is a teddy bear. Most teddiesare in the shape of a small bear. They are usually brown and stuffed(填充)with cotton. Kidslove them very much.

   Paddingtonbear is one of the most famous teddy bears in the world. Yet there are many types.Do you know Winnie the Pooh?He'sanother popular bear!

   Cute,soft teddy bears were born in the 20th century. However,they don't have justone place of birth. Both American and German toymakers made the teddy bear atthe same time!

   Teddybears have long been a popular kids' toy. They are in songs,stories and films.There are even teddy bear museums around the world. And it's not even just kidswho hold teddy bears. It's a popular present for lovers,usually onValentine's Day.

   Inthe UK it is popular for a newborn baby to get a teddy bear as their firstgift. The day I was born,my grandmother handed me a teddy bear. She made itherself. That makes him the same age as me! I took him everywhere I went,holdinghis arm at nighttime and falling asleep with him. And I still have that bearwith me today. It is the best gift I have ever gotten.

(1) What do we know about teddy bears from the story?
(2) What's the correct Chinese translation of the underlined word "present" in Paragraph4?
(3) Which fact is NOT mentioned about the writer's teddy bear?
(4) The story mainly talks about      .

五、任务型阅读(本大题共3小题,满分6分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

23. 阅读下面短文,并用英语回答问题(请注意每小题后面的词数要求).

   What time is it?Thereare many ways you can find out the time. You may have a watch on your wrist(手腕).You can look at aclock on the wall. You can listen to the radio,watch TV or ring a number onthe telephone to get the time. But do you know the history of how people tellthe time?

   Ithas not always been easy to know the time. A long time ago people looked at thesun to tell the time. They could tell the time of the day by looking at the sunin the sky:morning,noon and afternoon.

   Aroundthe year 1400,people began to use the hourglass(沙漏).Itwas made of glass with some sand in it. It was wide at both ends,but narrow inthe middle. The sand ran from one end to the other in one hour. At the end ofevery hour,people turned the glass over and began again. Hundreds of yearslater,a machine called clock was invented.

   Afterthat people made small clocks,so that they could carry them in their pockets. Thenduring World War I,men started wearing their watches on their wrists. It waseasier to tell the time. Now almost everyone wears a wrist watch.

(1) Howcould people know the time a long time ago?(不超过10个词)
(2) Whatwas the hourglass made of?(不超过15个词)
(3) Whatdoes the writer mainly want to tell us?(不超过10个词)

六、单词拼写,根据首宇母及汉语提示,完成下列单词的拼写,使句意明确,语言通顺。(本大题共5小题,满分5分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

24. We were invited to give our________(观点)about how the workshould be done.
25. Look!There is a sign "No ________(进入)in front of thebuilding...
26. Every morning the buses are________(拥挤)with people who aregoing to work.
27. Good table ________(举止)are very important toevery polite guest.
28. The cleaner________(扫除)the leaves here justnow.

七、书面表达(本大题共1小题,满分15分) (安徽省2020年中考英语模拟试卷(三))

29. 母亲将我们带来到这个世界.母爱亦是最伟大,最无私的爱,请以“My mother”为题,写一篇感恩母亲,感恩母爱的文章。