一、单项选择(20分。每小题1分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

1. Which pair of the words with the underlined letters has the same sound?
A . many grammar B . coffee wheel C . youth thumb
2. Which of the following words with the underlined letters has a different sound?
A . pilot B . distance C . climate
3. Which word of the following doesn't have the same stress as the others?
A . reflect B . percent C . expert
4. Boys and girls,life is like a cafeteria. You'll __________ get it if you wait for some one to bring it to you. You have to get up and get it by yourself.
A . actually B . never C . generally
5. National Volunteer Week started________1974 and is held every April. It is a chance to encourage________ the old and the young to take their first step toward becoming a volunteer.
A . in,both B . on,neither C . at,either
6. —________ fresh air it is now!

—Yes.________ go out for a walk.

A . What,Let's B . How,Let us C . What a,Let
7. The national college entrance exam,or gaokao,is an important exam for Chinese students. In the past,students who performed well in the areas of sports or science would receive 20 bonus points(加分) on the test. But starting from this year,this bonus will no longer be________.
A . independent B . available C . endangered
8. Reading is really important. Hopefully,we can get knowledge through reading. Our school study will________ greatly if we keep reading,and we think that our future will become brighter.
A . improve B . be improved C . improving
9. —How hard you are working,Helen!

—We must! President Xi said that ________we are,________we will be.

A . the more hard-working,the luckier B . the hard-working,the lucky C . the most hard-working,the luckiest
10. —________ do you spend on Wechat every day,Lily?

—About one and a half hours.

A . How long B . How often C . How soon
11. We all know that a good night's rest helps us stay healthy. After we sleep for 7 or 8 hours in bed and________ next morning,our mind is better prepared tomemorize and learn something.
A . part with B . clear out C . wake up
12. The year 2019 is________ 70th anniversary(周年纪念日) of the founding of new China. On October 1st,our family sat by the TV,________to watch the big parade,which showed the motherland strong force.
A . a,waited B . the,waiting C . an,wait
13. Now________ people across China are competing on the shows by using apps such as Huajiao Zhibo and Xigua Shipin. Different from traditional TV quiz shows like Happy Dictionary,anyone with a smart phone can join in the shows several times a day.
A . five million of B . five millions C . millions of
14. China won championship at FIVB Volleyball Women's World Cup in 2019. So far,China women's volleyball team________ a total of 11 matches' gold medals. We are proud of them.
A . got B . have got C . gets
15. —Mike,I'm looking forward to returning to school. I want to join in the Art Festival.

—Every year the Middle School Art Festival________ in March provides ________students with a stage where we can put on different culture performance.

A . held,us B . holding,we C . is held,our
16. —Do you know ________?

—Sure. In July last year.

A . how waste sorting (分类) in Shanghai start B . what did waste sorting in Shanghai start C . when waste sorting in Shanghai started
17. —Do you remember the beautiful headmaster ________you met on your first day?

—Certainly. She was friendly to us,saying "Hello" with a smile on the playground.

A . when B . which C . who
18. Most gestures can be understood by different people from different countries. However,some body languages are used in different countries. Chinese people often ________.
A . shout at people with thumbs up B . make a "V" to express victory C . shake their heads to express "yes"
19. People usually work under the heavy pressure in spring. If you want to relax from the pressure,you should ________.

①Take some activities in the open air in the free time. ②Pay more attention to developing a well-balanced diet habit. ③Forget it and stay at home.

④Take a shower regularly to make your body relaxed and comfortable.  ⑤Ask your parents,your friends or the strangers for help.

A . ①②③ B . ③④⑤ C . ①②④
20. There is a big sale in a supermarket. Alice bought one for each kind of the following things. According to the table below,he saved________ in all.

A . ¥513 B . ¥345 C . ¥257

二、完形填空(10分。每小题1分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

21. 根据短文内容选择最佳答案。

   Self-discipline (自律) is very importantfor students in Grade Nine now. We have had online study1March2nd this year. Teacherstaught his class through different apps on the internet and we stayed at home to learn knowledgeby 2. Because of this,self-discipline should be a habit for us. Self-disciplined students use differentmethods to studyalone,which brings them more success.Here are the four methods almostall self-disciplined studentsuse.

   They are regular(有规律的). Almost all self-disciplined studentsstudy regularly,because they know" What you give is what you get.If you3regular hours studying,then you will learn more and get 4 grades. Put apart some hours,each day or each week,for studying.This will help you to study regularly.

   They have clear goals. All self-disciplined studentshave their own goals.5 cleargoals is the key to good grades.The goals drive you to study more. Set right goals which can challengeyou,but do not seem impossible or 6 ①difficult     ②     achieve. You will keep trying and focus on your study in order to make dreams 7.

   They study without stress.Self-disciplined students study a lot. But they study without putting pressureon themselves. Most studentsstudy too hard or for a long time. This creates 8. Studying shouldbe done in a balanced(均衡的) manner.Take a break for a few minutes after studying for 30 or 45 minutes. Such short breaks will relax your brain and you will learn more.

   They know the importance of studying.Studying is not something 9 you do just because your parents ask you to do it. It's actually very important for you. Studying gives you knowledge and skillsthat will 10 withyou for the rest of your life. It gives you the ability to get a job and make money. And Self-disciplined students understand the value of studyingwell.

三、阅读理解(20分。每小题1分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

22. 阅读理解

   These years,big changes to city life in China have attractedthe world. Among them,four stand out. They are famous as "China's four great modern inventions".

Online shopping

   China has many big online shoppingplatforms,such as Taobao,T-mall and JD.com.

   They have made online shopping a lifestyle choice for many peoplein China. Taobao even started "online shopping festival",the Double Eleven. It's reported that Taobao and T-mall may have more than 800 milliongoods. Their companyAlibaba has developed into the world's largestecommerce(电子商务) company.

Bike sharing

   Bike sharing is not a new idea. But China has given it a whole new meaning.It encourages people to ride the public-sharing bike over short distances,aimingto solve the  "last mile" problem in big cities. We use mobile apps orcards to unlock bikes. We can leave the sharedbikes at any bike station.This makes bike sharing much easier.


   In China,now you don't need cash or bankcards to buy things. You could just pay with your mobile phone. You can scan(扫描) a store's QR code(二维码) to pay. Even a fruit seller on the roadside has a QRcode for WeChat Pay or Alipay.

   High-speed trains

   On September21,China's new high-speed train Fuxing made its first run from Beijing to Shanghai. It ran at a speed of 350 km/h. This makes it the fastest train in the world.

   China has the world's longest high-speed railway network. It's more than 22,000 kilometers leading the game in these areas. And they aregreatly changing people's lives.

(1) The world's largest ecommerce company is ________.
(2) We can know paying with the mobile phone in China is very ________.
(3) The speed of the fastest train in the world is ________.
(4) What is the purpose of bike sharing?
(5) Which of the following is Not true according to the passage?
23. 根据短文内容判断正误

   As a man was passing some elephants,he suddenlystopped,wonderedthe fact that these huge animals were being held by only a small rope tied to their front legs. No chains,no cages. It was sure that the elephantscould,at anytime,break away from their ropes but for some reason,they didn't.

   He saw a trainer nearbyand asked why these animalsjust stood there and made no thought to get away. "Well," the trainer said,"when they are veryyoung and much smaller,we use the same size rope to tie them and,at that age,it's enough to hold them. As they grow up,they are conditioned to believe the rope can still hold them,so they never try to run free."

   The man was amazed. These animalscould at any time escapefrom their ropes but because they believed they couldn't,they were stuck right where they were.

   Like the elephants,how many of us go through life hanging into a belief that we can't do something,simply becausewe failed at it once before? Failure is part of learning and we should never give up the pains in life.

(1) A man was packing someelephants and he stopped.
(2) The elephants were held by a small rope,chainsandcages tied to their front legs.
(3) The trainers used the same size rope to tie the elephants when they were very young.
(4) From the passage we know if the elephants tried to run free,they couldn't escape from their ropes.
(5) The story tells us that failure is part of learning and we should never give up the pains in life .
24. 阅读理解

   Ladies and gentlemen,I returnedto this year in a time machine. In the year 2500,we are able to travel through time to any year in the historyof the earth.This year is your last chance to change your lifestyleto save the earth.

   Beginningin the middle of the 20th century,a few peoplewere worried about polluting the earth's water and air,but most people did not change their way of life. Instead,they continued to pour dangerous chemicalsand other waste into lakes and seas,to drive more  and more cars and trucks,and to cut down trees.

   By the year 2200,the earth's water was completely polluted.People could no longer drink water,and they had to use other types of liquids.

   So,by the year 2300,there were so many people that food became scarce. There was no water to grow food and all of the fish in the lakes and seas died because of the pollution. Terrible wars broke out between the rich and the poor. Scientists were working very hard to find another planet in space where humanscould live.

   By the year 2400,the air was too pollutedfor humans to breathe.So we had to leave the earth. Where did we go? Nowhere.The scientists did not find another safe planet,so now we must travel around the universein our spaceships. We are still looking for a place to call our home.

   So,it is up to change history. There is still hope. You must change your lifestyle now,before it is too late.

(1) What is the meaning of "scarce" in Chinese?
(2) Which problem is NOT talked about in Paragraph 2?
(3) We had to      when the air was too polluted for humans to breathe.
(4) Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?
(5) Which of the following should be the best title of the passage?
25. 根据短文内容,将下面方框内的句子还原到文中空白处,使短文内容完整,通顺。(每个选项只能用一次)

   The tradition of birthday parties started in Europe a long time ago. People were afraid that evil spirits(邪恶的神灵) were attracted to people on their birthdays. ________

    Giving gifts brought even more good cheer to kee away from the evil spirits. This is how birthday parties began.

   The following are some countries' birthday traditions:

   Canada—Putting the butter on the nose. In Atlantic Canada,the birthday child's nose is put something for good luck.

   China— ________The birthday child pays respect to his/her parents and receives a gift of money. Friends and relatives are invited to lunch and noodles are served to wish the birthday child a long life.

   England—Fortune telling cakes. Certain objects are mixed into the birthday cake as it is being prepared.________

   Japan—New clothes. The birthday child wears new clothes to mark the special ceremony.

   New Zealand—________After the birthday cake is lit,the happy birthday song is sung loudly and the birthday person receives a clap(掌声) for each year they have been alive and then one for good luck.

   The United States— Cake,candles and song.________

A. A cake is made,and candles are put on top based on how old the person is.

B. Birthday claps.

C. If your piece of cake has a coin in it,then you will be rich.

D. To protect them from harm,friends and family would come to stay with the birthday person and bring good thoughts and wishes.

E. Noodles for lunch.

四、交际应用(10分。每小题1分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

26. 从A—G选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳选项补全对话。有二项是多余的。

A:Hello,is thisMr.Brown?

B:Yes,it is.________

A:I'm from the package delivery(快递) company. I have your package.Are you at home?

B:UnfortunatelyI'm at work right now. ________

A:Actually,this package needs your name. Can I bring it to your office instead?

B:________I don't have time to leave my desk.

A:Isee. ________

B:Yes,that would be better. Can you bring it to my home at 6 p.m.?

A:Sure,that is fine. ________

B:Great,thank you so much!

A. I'll see you tomorrow at 6 p.m.

B. How much does it cost?

 C. Can you leave the package at my door?

D. What can I do for you?

E. Well,can I bring the package tomorrow?

 F. What time is it?

G. I'm quite busy at work now.

27. 填入一个适当的词补全对话,每空一词。

 Mary:Hi,Jack. Do you play King of Glory(《王者荣耀》)?

Jack:Yes,I do. Every boy in my class is playing it and we often________about it together. Then good players are respected.

Mary:Oh.My brother also spends most of his spare time on King of Glory.

 Jack:Do you know it has had 50 million daily users? All of its characters are named after figures from China's ________.

Mary:Mmm,Li Bai,as we know,wasa famous poet. Butinthe game,his job is to kill the others. I dislike this. Itrewrote China's history.

Jack:Me,too. Also,my favorite hero is Jing Ke. The real Jing Ke was a man. In the game,however,he has been turned ________a woman.

Mary:And my parents are worried about this game. They ask my brotherto play it after over 16 years of age.

Jack:They are right. But ________said that more than 30 percent of the players are in middle school.

Mary:Well. We shoulddiscuss this problem in the classmeeting next week. Perhaps we aren't old ________to tell the differences betweenfact and fiction.

五、选词填空(20分。每小题1分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

28. 选词填空

teacher different play other pride refuse lonely get on well with

   Union(团结)is strength wheneveryou're faced with difficulties or in a terrible situation.

    Teamwork ________an important part in gettingyou out of trouble. There was a time when I was so ________that I overlooked my classmates,________to work together with them. Therefore,there was no doubt that Iwasleft alone,with ________and failure.

    Fortunately,my parents encouraged me and told me the value of teamwork.From then on,I learned to help ________ and turn to my friends for help whenever I had difficulty finishing a task on my own. Surely teamworkmade a great ________. Now I am ________ my friends.

   My experience has ________me that only if we rememberthe great importance of teamwork can we go beyond ourselves. As the saying goes,"United we stand;dividedwe fall."

29. 任务型阅读

   Once there was a king and his daughter. The king asked his daughterhow much she loved him. She said that she loved him as much as she loved salt. Her answer made the king very happy. Salt is simple thing,but it is very important. So the king thought his daughter cared a lot about him.

   Salt has many uses. Bodiesneed salt. If we don't have enough,our bodies can't work properly. We put salt on icy roads to make them safe. We also use salt to produceother products,like paper and glass. But for many years,salt's most important job was to protect food. Like other living things,most bacteria(细菌) need water to live. Salt takes in plenty of water,so most bacteria can't live in a salty environment. Therefore,salt protects food and many other things. For much of humans history,this ability has made salt valuable. Every ancient culture from Egypt to China depended on salt. Even today,the hard working usefulpeople are described as "the salt of the earth".

For centuries,salt was also hard to get because its usefulness made it very expensive. Saltcould even be used like money,in fact,the word salary(薪水) comes fromthe word salt.

   Today,salt is used more widely and it still plays an importantrole in our life.

(1) 根据英文释义及首字母提示,拼写单词。

①p ;thing or object made by a nature or persons

②d;to say whatsomething is like or give a pictureof in words

(2) 完成同义句转换,每空一词。

Therefore,salt protects food and many other things.

a ,salt protects food and many other things.

(3) How did the king feel whenhe knew his daughter's answer?
(4) What was salt's most important job for many years?
(5) Why was salt also hard to get forcenturies?
30. 根据短文内容完成表格,每空一词。

   As the saying goes,"A hero is known in the time of misfortune(不幸)."Zhong Nanshan is a hero like this. He is a doctor in Guangdong,who saved many people's lives in 2003.

   In 2003,SARS broke out in Guangdong. Later,it sprea across China and other parts of the world. Patients cougheda lot and got fevers.Hundreds of patients even died from thedisease. Even many doctors and nurses got SARS when they treatedpatients. So everyone was afraid of it. But Zhong was brave enoughto fight the disease.Zhong spent days and nights to find the cause of the disease. And many patients used his way of treating,theybegan to get better.Zhong finally won people's trust.

   In early 2020,a diseasecalled Novel coronavirus pneumonia(新型冠状病毒肺炎) hit Wuhan. It spread quickly and around tens of thousandsof Chinese people got it. Zhong,84,led his team to Wuhan to fight the illness.Zhong's team took many measuresto cure the patients. He advised people to wear masks,wash hands often,stay at home and not to go to crowded places.

   Zhong likes sports very much. When he was67,he could still play basketball. Now,Zhong still treats patients in the hospitaland teaches young doctors. "I am just a doctor." Zhong says. Butwe think he is a hero and a fighter.

Zhong Nanshan---A Hero and a Fighter

His job

A ________ in Guangdong

His ________

Zhong likes sports very much.

He could still play basketball when he was 67.

In 2003

Being brave enough to fight SARS.

________his way to treat the disease,many patients began to get better.

In early 2020

Zhong led his team to Wuhan and took many measures to cure the patients.

People followed his ________to wear masks, wash hands often,stay at home and not to go to crowded places.

His fame

Zhong ________people's trust. We think he is a hero and a fighter.

六、 书面表达(20 分) (黑龙江省哈尔滨市道里区2020届九年级英语毕业模拟测试(一))

31. 假设你是李华,你在北京的堂兄李平发邮件询问你假期和开学后在家的英语学习情况。












4)至少 80 词。开头结尾已给出,不计入总词数。

Dear brother,

   How is everything going?


   Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


Li Hua