一、选择最恰当的答案 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

1. Which "ex-" in the following words sounds different from the other three?
A . experiment B . expensive C . excellent D . excuse
2. Sally often works in the garden after ______ breakfast on Saturday morning.
A . a B . an C . the D . /
3. Dear passengers,now you have 30 minutes to check ______ at Gate 30.
A . in B . for C . on D . up
4. Pansy is my friend,and I'm sure I am ______ as well.
A . she B . herself C . her D . hers
5. Wendy improved her learning methods. ______,she made great progress.
A . In brief B . As a result C . Above all D . For example
6. The new washing machine is our star product because it uses ______ water than old ones.
A . little B . less C . more D . much
7. The medical studies show us that human's left ear and right ear ______ sound differently.
A . protect B . pronounce C . process D . prevent
8. It's a pleasure that Lucy ______ to the charity show last night.
A . invites B . is invited C . invited D . was invited
9. —______ is China's space station expected to be completed?

—In about three years.

A . How soon B . How often C . How long D . How fast
10. While drawing comic strips,you can make characters burst out ______ by showing the teeth.
A . laugh B . laughing C . laughed D . to laugh
11. ______ smooth the screen of your new smart phone feels!
A . What B . What a C . How a D . How
12. At weekends,I do all my housework on one day,so ______ day I'm free to relax.
A . other B . others C . the other D . another
13. —Who will be responsible for the operation,Jim or Nancy?

—It ______ be Jim because he is on holiday.

A . needn't B . shouldn't C . mustn't D . can't
14. The Walt Disney Company ______ 6 theme parks since 1955.
A . opens B . opened C . has opened D . had opened
15. Mr. Pitt had to cheer up soon,______ he would lose the game completely.
A . and B . so C . but D . or
16. Many old Britons are still afraid to travel ______ the tunnel between England and France.
A . over B . through C . below D . above
17. The captain couldn't promise ______ anywhere because of the poor weather.
A . sail B . to sail C . sailing D . sailed
18. One of the ______ things about life is to choose what we enjoy.
A . amazing B . amazed C . disappointing D . disappointed
19. —Mr. Jones,__________________

—That's a pity.

A . I am glad to see you again. B . I have made some sandwiches for you. C . I haven't finished my task in time. D . I can play the piano with both hands.
20. -—Excuse me,my sweeping robot doesn't work.

—Let me have a look,Madam. ______

A . It's out of date. B . It needs repairing. C . It's sold out D . It's in danger.

二、将下列单词填入空格。每空格限填一词,每词只能填一次 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

21. Complete the following passage with the words in thebox. Each can be used only once.

A. extra   B. shelf   C. platform   D. depends   E. similar

   Take a walk through a supermarket. You will find many brands(品牌)of chocolate and a dozen kinds of yoghurt. Which ones should you buy?

   Well,the answer ________. You may have your favorites. If there is a brand you like more than other brands,you might be willing to pay ________ money for it. But when you don't like one brand over another,the right move is to shop for the best price. It means putting one item next to a(n) ________ item to see which gives you more for your money. This isn't always easy because of the way things are packaged. To find the best deal,check the unit price. Stores usually show the unit price on the ________. If they don't,you can calculate it yourself.

22. Complete the following passage with the words in thebox. Each can be used only once.

A. compare   B. serious   C. offer   D. responsible   E. choice

   But unit price isn't the only thing toconsider. Ask yourself how much you exactly need. Food waste is a ________ problem. According to a research,people throwaway up to 40% of the food they buy. So,ask yourself:Do I actually need 8pieces of bread? If not,the smaller bag is the better ________.

   Also,brand names come at a cost. Sometimes,what you're paying for isn't just the product in the package. It's the brandname on the package. That's why many stores ________ their own products which are usually muchcheaper. Last year,some supermarkets did a test. They invited people to trysome brand-name cakes and ________ them with those made by the supermarkets. Totheir surprise,most people thought there was not any difference between them.

三、用括号中所给单词的适当形式完成下列句子。每空格限填一词 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

23. It is a big surprise that the plane can fly by ________without a pilot. (it)
24. Simon learned how to fish with cormorants in his ________.(twenty)
25. Some hidden computers in appliances are so tiny thatpeople may be ________of them.(aware)
26. In the last five years,Sun Yang has broken severalof his ________records. (person)
27. The girl knocked at my door and asked ________,"Could you do me a favour?" (polite)
28. On the way to ________,you should push yourself hard and never give up.(succeed)
29. In some ways,sports,music and painting can ________our children's life.(rich)
30. Nowadays,people are using AI machines to grow a ________of plants.(various)

四、根据所给要求完成句子。前六小题每空格限填一词 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

31. The girl admitted breaking the cup in the chemistryclass. (改为一般疑问句)

________the girl ________breaking the cup in the chemistry class?

32. My family climb Mount Tai each year to celebratethe Spring Festival. (划线部分提问)

________ ________your family climb Mount Tai each year?

33. The chef cooked the potato longer in order to makeit more tasty. (保持句意不变)

The chef cooked the potato longer ________ ________he could make it more tasty.

34. The community will build more parking places to meetthe increasing needs. (改为被动语态)

More parking places will ________ ________to meet the increasing needs.

35. "Where are we going to have the picnic?"Nina asked her mother. (改为间接引语)

Nina asked her mother where ________ ________going to have the picnic.

36. Please remove the old reference books from the bookcomer before the new ones arrive. (保持句意不变)

Please ________ ________the old reference books from the book corner before the new ones arrive.

37. need to,more attractive,you,make your poster,howto,think carefully about(连词成句)

五、阅读理解 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

38. Choose the best answer.

   Are you looking for a good novel? Here,werecommend(推荐)youthe best selling of 2019.

Title:The Last Equation(方程式)

By:Stuart Gibbs

Reviewed By:Zara Lee

   The police are looking for a special equation. It could destroy the world if the bad people get it. The police turn to Charlie,a 12-year-old girl for help. She is as smart as Albert Einstein. Charlie doesn't have a lot of time to solve the world's problems but she is the only one who can do it. People who like adventure will enjoy reading this wonderful book.


By:Jon Scieszka

Reviewed By:Richard Mani

   In this book,the Earth has been full of rubbish because of humans. Some animals from Mount Rushmore decide to do something. Their mission is to find a new planet fit for human life. Eventually they discover one:Plant Planet. What the writer is trying to tell readers is simple:Do not harm the planet any more.


By:Jen Wang

Reviewed By:Nora Wilson

   Moon is new in Christine's school. Christine hears that Moon beats people for fun. Unfortunately,Moon comes to live with Christine's family. And then the two children become best friends. Stargazing is written according to what truly happened to the writer as a child. The story is about the power of friendship and how people are able to change.

Title:Roll with it

By:Jamie Sumner

Reviewed By:Joe Lin

   "Roll with It" is a story about a 12-year-old girl named Ellie. She has suffered from cerebral palsy since she was a baby. It makes her hard to walk on her own,so she has to use a wheelchair all the time. When Ellie and her mom move to another place,she must learn to explore a new school. This book is a must-read for everyone. It's a heartwarming story that shows the value of family.

(1) What can Charlie do for the police in "The Last Equation"?
(2) Who wrote the book based on his or her own experience?
(3) If a reader cares about the pollution problem,he may be interested in "______".
(4) The underlined word "cerebral palsy" means "a kind of ______".
(5) Joe Lin recommends "Roll with it" because ______.
(6) On which website can readers most probably find this passage?
39. Choose the best answer and completethe passage.

   Birthday party is on the way!

   Thirty minutes 1 the party,volunteers arrive and get to work. They make delicious food,prepare exciting games and arrange colorfully wrapped boxes on a table. Soon it's time to play the music and welcome the eager guests. They rush in,ready to celebrate.

   Every month,parties like this take place at homeless shelters across the country. They're hosted by a group called the Birthday Party Project. This non-profit 2 throws birthday parties for groups of kids who don't have a home. For many of them,it's the first birthday party they've ever had.

   Paige Chenault is the founder of the Birthday Party Project. "Everyone wants a chance to feel known and seen,and a birthday is a 3 time to make it true." says Chenault. She and her family threw the Birthday Party Project's first event in January 2012. "We realized our own community was a great place to start,"she says. Since then,the project has 4. Now it hosts about 50 monthly parties in 15 cities. More than 10,000 Children have celebrated their birthday at these events.

   Eight-year-old Dipson is one of them. At the party held there in March 2019. Dipson unwrapped his gift:a new bicycle. "It was very fun," he says. But Dipson also says he has learned a 5 from his party:"You can get a bit sick when you have too much chocolate cake." he warns future party-goers.

   Jamie Gates is the education supporter at the housing community where Dipson lives. The Birthday Party Project holds parties there each month. According to Gates,if she doesn't remember to tell the children the date of the next event,they'll 6 asking her until they get the answer. "Parents will come to the party,too," she says. "Everyone in the community loves it."

40. Fill in the blanks with proper words.

   We might love to tell others about our unusual experiences—that time we climbed Mount Everest,tasted some rare food or ran into a famous person on the street. But new research suggests:that if we s________ these unusual experiences with others,it may bring something uncomfortable.

   "Unusual experiences are pleasant in the moment but can cause social t________ in the long run,"says psychological scientist Gus Cooney of Harvard University. "Some people mistakenly thought that having an unusual experience would make them the star. But they were wrong,because to be unusual is to be different from other people,and social interaction is based on something similar."

   "We all h________ to have experiences that are fine and rare,and when we get what we want,we are always eager to tell our friends. But I've noticed that conversations always seem to develop well on more ordinary topics." Cooney explains." This made me wonder if unusual experiences were r________ as lovely as we had thought. "

   To find out,Cooney and his colleagues had 68 people come to the lab in groups of f________. In each group,one person was asked to watch a popular video of a street magician performing for a crowd,while the other three people were asked to watch an ordinary animated video. After watching the videos,the people sat around a table and had a five-minute free conversation.

   After the group discussion,the people who watched the magician's performance felt w________ than those who watched the animated video,because they felt they were not included during the discussion.

   This finding suggests that we ought to give more thought in choosing what to talk about with others. If an experience turns you into someone who has n________ in common with others,then no matter how good it is,it won't make you comfortable in the long run.

41. Answer the questions(根据以下内容回答问题)

   There was a baby whale named Ella. She lived with other whales in a deep bay. One day,she noticed something large pass overhead. It was as big as a whale,but it wasn't.

   Ella was frightened. She had never seen a boat before. Although Ella was scared,she was curious,too. She forced herself to swim to the surface. She saw several faces watching her. In fact,they looked very friendly. In the next few months,Ella lost her fear of boats. People in the boats always enjoyed seeing her.

   As time went by,people and boats became a part of her life. Whenever a boat passed overhead,she swam to the top to say hello. One night,Ella saw a lot of fish swimming around the bottom of a ship. Suddenly,she ________________by a fishing net. She fought hard to get free. Finally,she escaped,but part of the net was tangled(缠住)in her mouth and around her tail. Ella was hurt and confused. Slowly and sadly she made her way towards the deep ocean.

   Many weeks passed,and the net in her mouth made it hard for her to eat. And every time she struggled for air,the net cut into her tail. But if she didn't get air every half an hour,she would die. Winter was coming,she had to move to warmer waters with others. However,this time she had no choice but to stay in the bay and wait to die.

   One morning,to her surprise,the water was filled with boats. When the boats came closer,a person reached into the water. Ella stared at the person's hand. The hand reminded her of something. She began to feel better. Soon many hands touched her. Ella felt them pulling the lines of the net. Moments later,she was free as before! The people were waving their starfish-shaped hands. Ella knew that the hands would always be there in her life.

(1) Did Ella see a big whale swim over herhead one day?
(2) Whydid Ella force herself to swim to the surface?
(3) Complete the sentence" Suddenly,she bya fishing net." in Paragraph 3.
(4) According to the story,what do whalesneed to do before winter comes?
(5) Why did Ella have no choice but to giveup the journey?
(6) What do you think Ella will do when shemeets boats again? Please give your reason(s).

六、书面表达 (上海市浦东新区2020届九年级上学期英语一模(期末)考试试卷)

42. Write at least 60 words on the topic"Learn from Yesterday"