一、在下列各句的空白处填入一个适当的词,使句子意思完整、语法正确。(5分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

1. ________ is allowed to smoke in the library. We shouldfollow the rule.
2. After working hard for several years,her dream of being a writerhas ________ true.
3. Children dress up and visit the houses in their neighborhoodasking ________ sweets.
4. Astronauts sometimes feel ________ in space becausethey can't see other people there.
5. The Chinese language has become a ________ to connectChina with the other countries.

二、用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(5分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

6. Helen couldn't ________ (easy) give an answer to themath teacher's question.
7. Macao is one of the crowded places in the world. The land of itis ________ (value).
8. Fires had a great ________ (influent) on wildlife inAustralia,especially koalas there.
9. People should avoid ________ (work) for a long time andwarm up before doing exercise.
10. Ma Long won the ________ (three) time at the WorldTable Tennis Championships(锦标赛).

三、单项选择。(15分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

11. Knowledge can make __________________ difference in our life and change the world.
A . a B . an C . the D . /
12. — I forgot to bring my notebook here. Could you please lend me two __________________,Linda?

— OK,here you are.

A . paper B . papers C . piece of paper D . pieces of paper
13. If you live in Changchun,you may notice that the air in winter is not as __________________ as it is during the summer.
A . clean B . cleaner C . cleanest D . cleaning
14. A friend of __________________ named Paul received a new bicycle from his brother as a Christmas gift.
A . I B . my C . mine D . myself
15. Wu Dajing broke his own record and __________________ the gold medal(奖牌) in the men's 500-meter race.
A . win B . won C . winning D . wins
16. Our memories can __________________ or even forgotten completely.
A . change B . changed C . are changing D . be changed
17. There __________________ no mountain on the earth that can grow taller than Qomolangma.
A . be B . am C . is D . are
18. The police __________________ early on foot in order to find the truth behind the mystery.
A . cut out B . found out C . set out D . blew out
19. __________________ it was hard to keep up with the online classes,I tried my best to follow them.
A . Whether B . However C . Because D . Although
20. I thanked my Chinese teacher __________________ helped me get through the test.
A . which B . what C . who D . where
21. __________________,the Chinese government has done a lot of work,including building roads and providing better education.
A . Help the poor B . Helped the poor C . Helping the poor D . To help the poor
22. — I know that one of the 2019 Nobel Prize winners in chemistry is almost 100 years old.

— __________________ hard-working and creative the person is!

A . How B . What C . How a D . What a
23. —How shall we go for a picnic this weekend,by bus or on foot?

— __________________. It's far from here.

A . Yes,we will B . No,we won't C . By bus D . On foot
24. The new invention can show us __________________ every day through the eyes of an animal.
A . what color is the world B . what the world looks like C . what the weather was like D . what were the people doing
25. — Could you give me a lift back home tonight,Ann? My car was broken.

— __________________ I didn't drive my car this morning.

A . Yes,I can B . No,I can't C . It's my pleasure D . Sorry,I'm afraid not

四、交际运用(共5分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

26. 根据对话内容及方框中所给的句子补全对话。其中有一项是多余的。

Li Feng:Han Qi,long time no see. ________

Han Qi:Not too bad. How about you?

Li Feng:lama little seared all the time. It's berceuse of COVID-19(2019冠状病毒病)

Han Qi:Yeah,it's terrible. ________

Li Feng:That's for sure. It gets spread like most cold and flu viruses(病毒). If someone coughs,a second person standing nearby can getinfected that way.

Han Qi:So everybody stayed at home and everything was quiet andpeaceful outdoors for a long time. People's study and work plans are differentnow.

Li Feng:________

Han Qi:You're right. We often wash hands and take temperature. Myparents told me to be careful outside.

Li Feng:That's true. Now we're at school. There are so many peoplehere. ________

Han Qi:Yeah,there are a few things we should do,First of all,wear a mask(口罩) when we go out. Secondly,never touchour faces with unclean hands. Tiredly,keep at least one mere away from otherpeople …..

Li Feng:I'll do all of them for sure. ________

Han Qi:That's great. It can make us stronger. Let's keep healthyand don't be afraid of viruses.

A. And it's really hard to keep people from getting infected (感染).

B. Really,it has changed our daily life.

C. How's your day going so far?

D. I think we should protect ourselves.

E. We can go to school and meet our friends.

F. I also suggest that we should do some exercise every day.

五、完型填空。(15分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

27. 阅读短文、掌握其大意,然后从每小题所给的四个项中选出一个最佳答案。

   Henry is going through a very hard time. His wife has just passed away. He feels that life1her is meaningless. For months,Henry sis in his house doing2. His family try to encourage him to do new things and enjoy life,but they're not 3.

   Henry's neighbor,an old woman named Lisa,sees him from her yard one day. She has not seen him outside in days! She asks him to 4 closer to the fence(篱笆) next to her house.

   "Hello,Henry! Just look at this fence. It is falling apart. You area5man. Can you help me fix this fence?" Lisa asks.

   Henry is angry inside. He is the one who needs6right now. He thinks the old lady is being kind of impolite. But she is too old to fix the fence7,so he agrees.

   Henry works on the fence for days. Lisa brings him orange juice 8he works. When he finishes,she thanks him. Henry9for the first time in months.

   “What a wonderful job! Could you please paint it10me?" Lisa says to him. Henry cannot believe she needs more help. Doesn't she know how sad he is? But11he respects(尊敬) her,he agrees. He works hard painting the fence in the hot12,but Lisa's orange juice and encouragement are helpful. As their neighbors13by,they all tell Henry what a beautiful job he has done. Henry feels very happy.

   Henry no longer feels that14is meaningless. He finally realizes that Lisa wasn't being impolite. She knows that staying15can help us forget our sadness. He helped her,but she truly saved him.

六、阅读理解 (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

28. 根据图表中的信息,选择最佳答案。

   Seventy years ago,China was a poor country.But seventy years later,the country has made progress in many areas. It hasbecome a rising power in the world. Now we'll take a look at some of China's biggestchanges.


   China is paying great attention to the development of AI. According to the research,China's main advantage lies in intelligent robots. And the main problem for AI development in China is not short of money but short of technology and talent. China plans to become a worldwide AI innovation(创新) center by 2030.

People-to-people exchanges

   Today,Chinese people are having more exchanges with people around the world. With the support of the government,many Chinese are going abroad to study and do research. China has also set up 536 Confucius Institutes(孔子学院) in more than 150 countries. Millions of students are learning Chinese language and culture there.

Olympic dreams

   Many Chinese players have surprised the world,including Yao Ming and Liu Xiang. The country has held more sports activities. The 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and the coming Winter Olympics are parts of the great achievements. From February 4th to 20th,in 2022,China will host the Beijing Winter Olympics.

High-speed rail

   China has built the world's largest high-speed rail network(网),which is still spreading. Last year,the network reached 29,0000 kilometers. The trains have carried millions of travelers and have greatly reduced travel time from Beijing to Shanghai form 10 hours to five hours. China is also sharing this technology with many other countries.

(1) What is China like at present?
(2) What is the main problem for AI development in China now?
(3) What can students learn in Confucius Institutes?
(4) How long will the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics last?
(5) What does the underlined word "reduce" mean in this passage?
29. 阅读理解

   What would you give up to protect theenvironment? Many people have given up animal products of all kinds. They arepracticing a lifestyle called veganism(纯素主义). Somepeople choose to become vegan(素食主义者) because they areupset about the way humans treat animals.

   For many people,veganism simply means eatingno meat,cheese or eggs. But the idea of saving animals also appears in thefashion and manufacturing industries(制造业).

   For example,leather(皮革) is used in many products,such as shoes and clothes. Every yearmore than a billion animals,listing from horses to snakes,are killed so thatwe can use their skin to make leather products. Now,many brands are lookingfor other ways to make their products.

   The sports brand Puma,for example,has madeshoes out of pineapple(菠萝) leaves. Tesla,the Americancar-maker,is reported to have stopped using leather to make its seats.

   Veganism is growing in popularity. In 2017,the BBC said it was the fastest-growing lifestyle movement in the UnitedKingdom. At the same time,some news reported that a quarter of Americansbetween the ages of 25 and 34 are vegans. No wonder the magazine named 2019"theyear of the vegan".

   So,if you're interested in protecting animalsand saving the environment,you might want to give veganism a try. But somebodyasks:"Is veganism healthy?" Some people worry that eating no meat atall is not good for our health. It's your personal choice to be a vegan or not.Just make sure to keep healthy as well.

(1) How do many people protect the environment according to the passage?
(2) Why do some people choose to become vegan?
(3) What do many brands do to save the animals?
(4) Which was the fastest- growing lifestyle movement in the UK?
(5) Which is the best title of this passage?
30. 根据短文内容,判断正、误。

   Open an app,place your order,and wait foryour food to be delivered (递送) to your home-this is howmany people eat in China these days. According to the latest report,421million Chinese people use online food delivery services. That's about half ofthe total number of internet users in China.

   Which group of people is ordering food onlinethe most? It's mainly young people. Meituan,a food delivery service,showedthat 86.3 percent of the service's users are between 20 and 34 years old. Thesepeople,who live in small families,are driving the development of the fooddelivery industry. Small families depend greatly on food delivery services.

   Chinese families have changed in sire over thepast years. In 2020,only 7.7 percent of them were single-person families. Butthis number increased to 15.6 percent in 2017. The two-person families rosefrom 18.4% in 2002 10 27.2% in 2017. For small families,cooking needs more timeand materials,so ordering food online has become more popular.

   The food delivery services have become muchfaster than before at present. According to Meituan's report,the time it takesto make a food delivery dropped from 38 minutes in 2016 to 29 minutes in 2019.Many delivery platforms(平台) are also offering more servicesare in,delivering products such as fruit,vegetables medicine and lowers. Moreand more customers are interested in the improvement of China's food delivery services.As its services continue to improve,it's possible that the food deliveryindustry will keep growing.

(1) There are about 850 million internet usersin China now.
(2) The people from small families are drivingthe development of the food delivery industry.
(3) The number of big families has increasedover the past years in China.
(4) Now it takes us more time than before toget our food from the online delivery services.
(5) The writer thinks that the food deliveryindustry will probably keep growing.
31. 阅读文章并根据上下文用下面方框内的适当选项补全短文。

   Do you get lots of reading tasks as part ofyour homework? You might wish that you could read faster. ________ Butexperts have dismissed(驳回) this announcement.

    “Speed reading is not actually possible," said ElizabethSchotter,a scientist at the University of South Florida,US. Schotter pointedout that people who say that they can teach others how to speed read areusually doing it to make money by selling courses and books.

   In fact,speed reading has been advertised(做广告) since 1959,when US educator Evelyn Wood introduced a speedreading program. Several US presidents have even asked their staff to takespeed reading courses. ________

   Schotter explained that reading is a complicated(复杂的) process. It includes four stages:seeing a word,searching itsmeaning from your memory,connecting it with other words in the same sentence,and then moving on to the next word. ________ It can't be sped up.

   Some people who are able to speed read aresimply skimming(略读). ________ Skimmers can find outthe main idea of a passage. But they will not be able to recall all of theinformation.

   ________ Researchsuggests that you should try to improve your vocabulary and simply read more. Thenyou can improve your reading speed.

A. This process uses many parts of the brain at one time.

B. Skimming needs to read a passage quickly and only look for certain words or sentences.

C. There are some people who announce that you can learn to read at super-high speeds.

D. So is there a way to become a faster reader?

E. However,the staff found that there is no real science behind speed reading.

32. 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

   At the age of 16,Einstein always played with a group of crazy kids. Because he was so busy playing,he didn't study enough and failed his final exam,

   One morning,when Einstein was holding a fishing tool and was about to go fishing with his friends,his father stopped him and said seriously,"Einstein,you're so crazy about playing that you failed your exam. I'm worried about your future."

   “What are you worrying about? Jack and Robert also failed,but don't they still get to go fishing?

   “My boy,you can't think like that," his dad said. "There is a story that people tell in our hometown. Listen to it now."

   “There were two cats playing on the top of a house. One cat was and fell down the chimney(烟囱) while holding the other cat. When the two cats climbed out of the chimney,one at the cats had soot(烟灰) on his face,while other cat's face was clean cat,the clean cat thought its face must be dirty,so it quickly ran to the riverside and washed its face. The soot-faced cat saw the clean-faced cat and thought its face was also clean,so it just walked down the street happily”

   "Einstein,no one can be your 'mirror'. You have to think for yourself. If you follow others,you will never learn."

   Hearing this,Einstein laid down his fishing tool and returned to his room. He studied hard and didn't follow others from then on. This allowed him to be successful.

   So,what kind of people do you usually hang out with? Do they study a lot or do they just want to play all the time? Don't blindly follow others.

(1) Who did Einstein always play with when hewas 16?
(2) Why did Einstein's father worry about Einstein'sfuture?
(3) Where did one of the cats clean its face?
(4) How did Einstein become successful?
(5) What does the passage want to tell us?

七、书面表达(共20分) (吉林省长春市宽城区2019-2020学年九年级下学期英语第二次质量检测试卷)

33. 下文是关于以良好习惯开始青少年生活的小贴士(tips)请根据上下文,把短文填充完整,每空一词。

Tips for teenagers

Step1:Be active in class

   Giving a speech in class might be ________ ,but it helps to make you feel more confident(自信). It's OK ________ you give the wrong answer. AII smart students do and your classmates won't really care.

Step 2:Getting enough rest

   People can't ________ well when they are tired,Make sure you get enough sleep and take study breaks.

Step3:Develop healthy habits

   Starting your young life ________ good habits helps you have a healthy future. Do some exercise and eat healthy ________.

34. 犯错误是我们生活中的一部分,很多时候如果没有犯错,我们就不可能找到合适和正确很多人害怕的方法,然而,很多人害怕犯错误。请你用英语写一篇文章讲述一件你曾经亲身经历过的犯错误的事情,并表达你对犯错误的观点。