一、单项填空(本大题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

1. English is   useful language and it's not difficult to learn.
A . a B . an C . the D . /
2. The earth goes _____ the sun.
A . around B . through C . between D . across
3. The bridge between the two islands is _______one in Suzhou.
A . long B . longer C . longest D . the longest
4. Our parents won't allow us ________ in the river alone.
A . swim B . to swim C . swimming D . swam
5. —Kitty is very good at musical instruments.

—Yes,she is. She can play the guitar almost      her guitar teacher.

A . as better as B . as good as C . as well as D . so well as
6. ______of the teachers in our school is 118,______ of them are women teachers.
A . The number;first fourth B . The number;one fourth C . A number;one second D . A number;three quarters
7. —Where's your brother?

—Oh,he ________ the library and ________.

A . has been to;so Lucy is B . has gone to;so Lucy has C . has gone to;so has Lucy D . has been in;so has Lucy
8. The mobile phone has influenced people's life a lot since it ____________.


A . invents B . invented C . is invented D . was invented
9. — I can't believe Jim got first in the competition.

— As you know,God helps those who help ______.

A . yourself B . himself C . yourselves D . themselves
10. —I want to know ________.

—Miss Black.

A . who do you want to travel with B . who else can you see C . who really cares about you D . who else did you call up

二、完形填空(本大题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

11. 通读下面短文,掌握其大意,然后在每小题所给的四个选项中,故答案选出一个最佳答案。

   It is not a good idea for children to worktoo hard. Children should study at school as 1 as they can. But they should not have to dohard work with their bodies. When 2 make their children work hard,the 3 are never good and may be very bad. Forexample,4 afarmer makes his son work like an adult (成人),his son may 5 hate farming.

   Children sometimes do too 6 at gardens,in shops,or even in their ownhomes. They soon begin to hate such 7 with force because that can destroy (破坏) their 8.And there may be a worse loss (丢失):a child's love forhis parents. The feeling may become 9 different .when that happens,the old kind oflove will not 10.

三、阅读理解(本大题共15小题,每小题2分,共30分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

12. 阅读理解

Class schedule for Monday

8:00 am

Information Technology(IT)-Using the Internet

Students learn to surf the internet and use search engines. This lesson also offers students the best websites for online learning.

10:00 am

Drama Students learn about a given play and have the chance to act it out in class.

11:00 am

Painting with watercolors

Students learn how to use watercolors properly. If the weather is good,the lesson may take place outdoors.

11:50 am

Lunch break

1:00 am


Students can choose either of them.

In biology this week,the topic is Human Body.

Students will learn about how it works.

Alternatively,students can study chemistry in the science lab. This week students will learn about H2 and O2.

2:00 am

Sports(football for boys and tennis for girls)

a. skills

Students learn about the skills of a certain sport from videos of past games.

b. practice

After we pick teams,students will play a match lasting 45 minutes.

2:00 am

3:00 am




IT…… search for some websites at home

(about 30 minutes).

Drama---preview a part for the next lesson

(about 40 minutes).

Biology/Chemistry -…… write a short report on the lesson(about 20 minutes).

(1) At ________,students are having a painting lesson.
(2) The underlined word "Alternatively" is closest in meaning to "________".
(3) Students should write a report for the ________class.
(4) Students can learn how to ________on Monday.
(5) Each student needs about________ to finish his homework.
13. 阅读理解

   It is true that people with better educationare usually able to get better paying jobs. In other words,they have morechances to choose a good job while people with little or no education don't. Itseems that the purpose of education is to make people get jobs. But this isn'taccepted by all people.

   Some people may think that a person shouldspend the best years of his life to get education only for a way of living.This was probably one of the earliest reasons of education. In fact,ifeducation is just a way of making a living,people don't need to spend so muchtime in school. People can get education for a living in a short time. Subjectslike history and geography need not be taught to everyone. Even language andmathematics need not be taught in detail(详细地),either. Here it is clear that education is much morethan teaching a man to get a way of living.

   Education is well-rounded and it ismainly for improving a man. It is not only to teach him to speak,read andwrite,but also to develop his creative (有创造力的) thinking and other abilities. After that,it isto make him a wise man and thankfully enjoy the achievements (成果) of human. Education is to make a man lead a better life. Educatedpeople are expected to be able to listen to good music,read good books,watchplays and most of all take an interest in the world.

   I would agree that making a good living is animportant reason for education,but certainly not the most important or themain reason.

(1) People with little education usually ______.
(2) The earliest education was probably to______.
(3) The underlined word "well-rounded" in the passage means "_______" in Chinese.
(4) It is hoped that educated people will be able to ______.
(5) The passage mainly tells us that _______.
14. 左栏是五位学生的职业梦想,右栏是一些帮助实现职业梦想的辅导班的介绍。请根据左右两栏的信息为这五位学生选择合适的辅导班。

________Diana is a 14-year-old girl. She lives in the city. She has a talent for dancing. She always says dancing makes her happy. She is going to be a famous dancer when she grows up.

________Bruce is in Class 3, Grade 8. He is strong. He is going to be a basketball star when he grows tall enough.

________Julia is a quiet girl. She is good at drawing people and animals. She wants to be an artist in the future.

________ Ted is 15 years old. He likes the sea. He is going to be a diver(潜水员)to swim in the sea,singing to the dolphins and fishes.

________ Mark is from an American middle school. He likes plants. He enjoys planting and watering the plants. He is going to be a gardener.

A. You can have classes in Mr. Smith's big garden. You can not only enjoy the beautiful flowers,but also learn how to grow different flowers.

B. This is a basketball class! We have three basketball courts(球场). We have different groups for people of different ages. Our coaches are very skillful. Join us!

C. Everyone likes to eat delicious food,but can you cook? Come to our class! There are excellent cooks who will teach you how to cook Chinese food and Western food.

D. If you want to learn drawing,our class is a good choice. We have many experienced teachers in drawing. You can learn a lot through their guidance(指导). Your drawing level will be improved soon.

E. Welcome to our body-building class! We have a lot of exercise machines for you to choose from. We also have some professional fitness(健美)coaches.

F. Welcome to our dance class! Our famous dance teacher,Mrs White,is good at all kinds of dances. She is kind and loves her students.

G. We have a big swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is clean and wars a. You can learn lots of swimming and diving skills here. Please join us!

四、短文填空(本大题有10小题,每小题1.5分,共15分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

15. 请用适当的词完成下面的短文,每个空只能填写一个形式正确、意义相符的单词。

   Do you know Stephen Hawking? He's one of themost well-known ________ on space and time in the world. He was born inEngland in 1942. Hawking is ________ how the universe began and how it ends.

   When he studied math and science at OxfordUniversity,he fell ________ ill,which made him unable to speak or breathe.Till now,he can't move or feed ________,however,he has a wheelchair with ________special computer,with which he can communicate with others. ________ he wasfacing all these difficulties,he refused to give up his hope of living.Because ________ his illness,it was difficult for him to draw diagrams or towrite. So he started ________ in pictures. With this new way of thinking,heis respected by people in the world.

   Once he ________ to China to give lectures.His self-confidence and humorous conversations impressed us deeply .He oncesaid,"When something unfair happens,________ is no need to worry aboutit! You just have to do the best in your own situation."

五、任务型阅读(共5小题,每小题2分,共10分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

16. 任务型阅读

A New Kind of Hero

   In the Olympics ,star athletes always get public's attention .In the past ,the athletes who got the gold medal in Olympics were popular .But now athletes who are not the winner ,such as Lin Dan and Fu Yuanhui ,also become popular.

   Fu Yuanhui,20 years old ,is a Chinese backstroke(仰泳)athlete .She became a popular star on social media(媒体)with her exaggerated(夸张的)expressions ,instead of her bronze medal(铜牌)in the women's 100- meter backstroke. After the semi-final,she was asked if she had saved some energy for the final. Fu answered with a shock face," I have been using my ' pre-historical' power (an online phrase in China which means the power of nature that can turn the world upside down)." This cute answer made her popular .Her happy personality (个性)won her millions of fans on the Internet overnight. People called her the “Pre-historical Girl” .She has become a new hero of Chinese people .She taught us a lesson:Sport is about the struggle (奋斗)and enjoyment ,and most definitely not about gold medals.

   Winning used to be everything for China's Olympians .Athletes who got gold have fame and fortune(财富),while those who disappointed often got ignored even criticized (批评).Liu Xiang became a national hero at the 2004 Athens Olympics .But four years later at the Beijing Olympics ,when an injury (受伤)forced him to give up running just before his first race ,he was criticized.

   Now,China is ready to welcome a sports star without a gold medal .Public attitudes toward competitive sports(竞技运动)and the Olympics have lifted to a higher level.

Information card

The kind of athletes that were popular in the past


The age of Fu Yuanhui


Fu Yuanhui's achievement in the Olympics


The name that people call Fu Yuanhui


The change of public attitudes toward competitive sports and the Olympics


六、书面表达(本题15分) (广东省2020年初中学业水平考试英语仿真试卷(二))

17. 为配合学校“诚信教育”活动,学校英语报开展了以“Try to be honest”为主题的征文活动。请你根据下面的内容提示,写一篇征文稿。






参考词汇:作弊cheat(v.)说谎tell a lie

Try to be honest

   To be honest is one of the mosttreasured traditional values in China.