I like dogs because I think they are really        .



(2020河北.七下期中) I like dogs because I think they are really        .
A . scary B . ugly C . lazy D . friendly


        据专家权威分析,该题主要考察了你对 形容词辨析; 等知识点的理解和应用。


(2020.中考模拟) One of the ______ things about life is to choose what we enjoy.
A . amazing B . amazed C . disappointing D . disappointed
(2020道里.中考模拟) The national college entrance exam,or gaokao,is an important exam for Chinese students. In the past,students who performed well in the areas of sports or science would receive 20 bonus points(加分) on the test. But starting from this year,this bonus will no longer be________.
A . independent B . available C . endangered
(2020河北.中考模拟) Frenchmen are outgoing. It is ___________________ to make friends with them.
A . easy B . proud C . polite D . important
(2020平阳.中考模拟) — I think that friends should have something in common.

— Me,too. I believe_______________________ experiences can help friends understand each other better.

A . creative B . traditional C . lively D . similar
(2020西城.八上期末) —It snowed __________in Beijing yesterday.

—Wow! You could make a snowman.

A . heavy B . heavily C . heavier D . more heavily