The news      exciting and we feel very happy.



(2020西安.七下期中) The news      exciting and we feel very happy.
A . are B . have C . is D . has


        据专家权威分析,该题主要考察了你对 系动词be; 主谓一致; 等知识点的理解和应用。


(2020广东.中考模拟) —- Mom,where is my model plane?

—- Oh,it ______ to Jenny yesterday.

A . is lent B . lends C . was lent D . lent
(2020广东.中考模拟) In our class _____ of the students _____ girls.
A . third fifths;is B . third fifth;are C . three fifth;is D . three fifths;are
(2020宽城.中考模拟) There __________________ no mountain on the earth that can grow taller than Qomolangma.
A . be B . am C . is D . are
(2020闵行.中考模拟) Because of the spread of the disease,our flight to France _________________ last week.
A . is cancelling B . has cancelled C . is cancelled D . was cancelled
(2020鱼峰.中考模拟) The hotels ________ (提供) meals for guests.