Complete the following passages with the words or phrases in thebox. Each can only be used once. A. expressed  B. tradition  C



(2020闵行.中考模拟) Complete the following passages with the words or phrases in thebox. Each can only be used once.

A. expressed  B. tradition  C. continues  D. effects  E. discovered

   The word 'rock and roll' probably came fromthe black churches in the South,where people sang and danced to the strongrhythms. At the same time,whites were playing country music. They went on withtheir ________ of dancing music and slow songs that told sad stories.The singers played with string instruments such as fiddles and guitars.

   During this time blues and country musicianshad some ________ on each other. The birth of the electric guitarchanged country and blue music in the 1940s. The sound of the electric guitar becamethe sound of rock and roll. No one thinks of early rock and roll without thinkingof Elvis Presley (埃维斯·普利斯里,美国著名摇滚明星),the 'King of Rock andRoll'. Rock music ________to develop,but the heart and soul of rockis the same heart and soul that Elvis_ ________.



        据专家权威分析,该题主要考察了你对 选词填空; 等知识点的理解和应用。


(2020.中考模拟) Complete the following passage with the words in thebox. Each can be used only once.

A. compare   B. serious   C. offer   D. responsible   E. choice

   But unit price isn't the only thing toconsider. Ask yourself how much you exactly need. Food waste is a ________ problem. According to a research,people throwaway up to 40% of the food they buy. So,ask yourself:Do I actually need 8pieces of bread? If not,the smaller bag is the better ________.

   Also,brand names come at a cost. Sometimes,what you're paying for isn't just the product in the package. It's the brandname on the package. That's why many stores ________ their own products which are usually muchcheaper. Last year,some supermarkets did a test. They invited people to trysome brand-name cakes and ________ them with those made by the supermarkets. Totheir surprise,most people thought there was not any difference between them.

(2020.中考模拟) Complete the following passage with the words in thebox. Each can be used only once.

A. extra   B. shelf   C. platform   D. depends   E. similar

   Take a walk through a supermarket. You will find many brands(品牌)of chocolate and a dozen kinds of yoghurt. Which ones should you buy?

   Well,the answer ________. You may have your favorites. If there is a brand you like more than other brands,you might be willing to pay ________ money for it. But when you don't like one brand over another,the right move is to shop for the best price. It means putting one item next to a(n) ________ item to see which gives you more for your money. This isn't always easy because of the way things are packaged. To find the best deal,check the unit price. Stores usually show the unit price on the ________. If they don't,you can calculate it yourself.

(2020禹州.中考模拟) 阅读短文,从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空,使短文通顺、意思完整。每空限填一词,每词限用一次。

call  influence  different  she  where  medicine truck  cancel  in  best

   Han Hong,a famous Chinese singer had plannedto hold the first concert of her 2020 national tour in Wuhan,Hubei Province,on Feb. 29. But the coronavirus outbreak forced her to ________ the show.Feeling she should do something for the troubled city,Han ________ oncelebrities and the public to donate to Wuhan. "I want to help people________ by this terrible virus outbreak," the 48-year-old singer saidon Sina Weibo.

   ________ less than a week,over 100 Chinesecelebrities and many members of the public went into action. Over2 billion yuanand a large number of ________ supplies have been donated through her nonprofitorganization,the Han Hong Love Charity Foundation,which ________ foundedin 2012.

   To make the donation process open and clear,Han provides detailed information about ________ the goods and money comefrom and go to on Sina Weibo. "We all hope to help. We're doing our________ Han wrote. "I trust her. She's more than a celebrity. She hasthe power to influence and make a ________,"a fan commented on Han'sweibo.

"It's good to know that there are________ with medical supplies going straight to the medical staff," wroteanother fan." What Han is doing gives us great confidence. "

(2020道里.中考模拟) 选词填空

teacher different play other pride refuse lonely get on well with

   Union(团结)is strength wheneveryou're faced with difficulties or in a terrible situation.

    Teamwork ________an important part in gettingyou out of trouble. There was a time when I was so ________that I overlooked my classmates,________to work together with them. Therefore,there was no doubt that Iwasleft alone,with ________and failure.

    Fortunately,my parents encouraged me and told me the value of teamwork.From then on,I learned to help ________ and turn to my friends for help whenever I had difficulty finishing a task on my own. Surely teamworkmade a great ________. Now I am ________ my friends.

   My experience has ________me that only if we rememberthe great importance of teamwork can we go beyond ourselves. As the saying goes,"United we stand;dividedwe fall."

(2020闵行.中考模拟) Complete the following passages with thewords or phrases in the box. Each can only be used once.

A. rough  B. complete   C. exactly   D. southern   E. similar to

   The roots of rock and roll’ go back to manydifferent countries,many different kinds of music and many musicians. It isdifficult to say ________ how the music began.

   Rock music developedmainly from black African and white European music. The Europeans and theAfrican slaves (奴隶) came to America during theseventeenth century. The each had their own music. Black Africans used heavydrumbeats,a ________ singing voice,the calling of a melody andanswer of a chorus. The white Europeans,mostly English and Scots,used astronger melody,a less heavy beat and instruments such as guitars and horns.From the seventeenth to the twentieth century,musicians in the________ United States developed two new forms of music;the blues (蓝调音乐) ,usually played by blacks,and country music,played by whites.Black musicians sang the blues with a guitar. This music was ________work songs:stories of troubles and pain,with lines that were repeated severaltimes.