Answer the questions(根据以下内容回答问题)    There was a baby whale named Ella. She lived with other whales in a deep bay. One day,she



(2020.中考模拟) Answer the questions(根据以下内容回答问题)

   There was a baby whale named Ella. She lived with other whales in a deep bay. One day,she noticed something large pass overhead. It was as big as a whale,but it wasn't.

   Ella was frightened. She had never seen a boat before. Although Ella was scared,she was curious,too. She forced herself to swim to the surface. She saw several faces watching her. In fact,they looked very friendly. In the next few months,Ella lost her fear of boats. People in the boats always enjoyed seeing her.

   As time went by,people and boats became a part of her life. Whenever a boat passed overhead,she swam to the top to say hello. One night,Ella saw a lot of fish swimming around the bottom of a ship. Suddenly,she ________________by a fishing net. She fought hard to get free. Finally,she escaped,but part of the net was tangled(缠住)in her mouth and around her tail. Ella was hurt and confused. Slowly and sadly she made her way towards the deep ocean.

   Many weeks passed,and the net in her mouth made it hard for her to eat. And every time she struggled for air,the net cut into her tail. But if she didn't get air every half an hour,she would die. Winter was coming,she had to move to warmer waters with others. However,this time she had no choice but to stay in the bay and wait to die.

   One morning,to her surprise,the water was filled with boats. When the boats came closer,a person reached into the water. Ella stared at the person's hand. The hand reminded her of something. She began to feel better. Soon many hands touched her. Ella felt them pulling the lines of the net. Moments later,she was free as before! The people were waving their starfish-shaped hands. Ella knew that the hands would always be there in her life.

(1) Did Ella see a big whale swim over herhead one day?
(2) Whydid Ella force herself to swim to the surface?
(3) Complete the sentence" Suddenly,she bya fishing net." in Paragraph 3.
(4) According to the story,what do whalesneed to do before winter comes?
(5) Why did Ella have no choice but to giveup the journey?
(6) What do you think Ella will do when shemeets boats again? Please give your reason(s).


        据专家权威分析,该题主要考察了你对 任务型阅读; 等知识点的理解和应用。


(2020广东.中考模拟) 任务型阅读

A New Kind of Hero

   In the Olympics ,star athletes always get public's attention .In the past ,the athletes who got the gold medal in Olympics were popular .But now athletes who are not the winner ,such as Lin Dan and Fu Yuanhui ,also become popular.

   Fu Yuanhui,20 years old ,is a Chinese backstroke(仰泳)athlete .She became a popular star on social media(媒体)with her exaggerated(夸张的)expressions ,instead of her bronze medal(铜牌)in the women's 100- meter backstroke. After the semi-final,she was asked if she had saved some energy for the final. Fu answered with a shock face," I have been using my ' pre-historical' power (an online phrase in China which means the power of nature that can turn the world upside down)." This cute answer made her popular .Her happy personality (个性)won her millions of fans on the Internet overnight. People called her the “Pre-historical Girl” .She has become a new hero of Chinese people .She taught us a lesson:Sport is about the struggle (奋斗)and enjoyment ,and most definitely not about gold medals.

   Winning used to be everything for China's Olympians .Athletes who got gold have fame and fortune(财富),while those who disappointed often got ignored even criticized (批评).Liu Xiang became a national hero at the 2004 Athens Olympics .But four years later at the Beijing Olympics ,when an injury (受伤)forced him to give up running just before his first race ,he was criticized.

   Now,China is ready to welcome a sports star without a gold medal .Public attitudes toward competitive sports(竞技运动)and the Olympics have lifted to a higher level.

Information card

The kind of athletes that were popular in the past


The age of Fu Yuanhui


Fu Yuanhui's achievement in the Olympics


The name that people call Fu Yuanhui


The change of public attitudes toward competitive sports and the Olympics


(2020广东.中考模拟) 左栏是五位学生的职业梦想,右栏是一些帮助实现职业梦想的辅导班的介绍。请根据左右两栏的信息为这五位学生选择合适的辅导班。

________Diana is a 14-year-old girl. She lives in the city. She has a talent for dancing. She always says dancing makes her happy. She is going to be a famous dancer when she grows up.

________Bruce is in Class 3, Grade 8. He is strong. He is going to be a basketball star when he grows tall enough.

________Julia is a quiet girl. She is good at drawing people and animals. She wants to be an artist in the future.

________ Ted is 15 years old. He likes the sea. He is going to be a diver(潜水员)to swim in the sea,singing to the dolphins and fishes.

________ Mark is from an American middle school. He likes plants. He enjoys planting and watering the plants. He is going to be a gardener.

A. You can have classes in Mr. Smith's big garden. You can not only enjoy the beautiful flowers,but also learn how to grow different flowers.

B. This is a basketball class! We have three basketball courts(球场). We have different groups for people of different ages. Our coaches are very skillful. Join us!

C. Everyone likes to eat delicious food,but can you cook? Come to our class! There are excellent cooks who will teach you how to cook Chinese food and Western food.

D. If you want to learn drawing,our class is a good choice. We have many experienced teachers in drawing. You can learn a lot through their guidance(指导). Your drawing level will be improved soon.

E. Welcome to our body-building class! We have a lot of exercise machines for you to choose from. We also have some professional fitness(健美)coaches.

F. Welcome to our dance class! Our famous dance teacher,Mrs White,is good at all kinds of dances. She is kind and loves her students.

G. We have a big swimming pool. The water in the swimming pool is clean and wars a. You can learn lots of swimming and diving skills here. Please join us!

(2020广东.中考模拟) 请阅读一篇关于文明出行的海报,根据所提供的信息,完成问题。

   Anne Zhang is a 21-year-old girl fromHangzhou,China. Now she studies in Britain. One day,when she was taking atrain from London to Oxford,she heard loud noises on the train.

   Before,the train had been very quiet. Somepeople were resting while others were reading books or listening to music.Suddenly,a group of Chinese people laughed loudly as they played a game ofcards.

   As it becomes easier for Chinese people toget visas(签证)to foreign countries,more and more of them are traveling abroad. However,their bad manners have given them a bad reputation(名声).

   Chinese always talk loudly in places likecafes and museums. They also spit(吐痰) and litter whenever they want and jump queues. Some Chinesetourists also like to write or draw pictures on famous buildings. In Singapore,Chinese tourists are fined(罚款) because they were smokingin Non-smoking areas.

   Some people may say that they can doeverything that they want because they spend money in the country. In fact,this is not true. Besides enjoying ourselves,we should respect local customsand take care of the environment.

Information Card

The country Anne studies in now


The game that the Chinese people played on the train


The thing that gives Chinese tourists a bad reputation


Chinese people's behavior(s) in places like cafes and museums


The reason why Chinese tourists were fined in Singapore


(2020广东.中考模拟) 左栏讲述五个人的需求,右栏是针对他们的需求所提供的网站及信息。请为左栏的每位学生选择一个合适的网站。

________Alice likes travelling,but she doesn't have enough money. If there is one way the traveler can save money,it would be fine for her.

________Paul was a student from Korea. He is poor in English,so he wants to find a website for help. He doesn't mind paying.

________Peter is going to travel abroad by air during this summer vacation. He hopes to get cheap plane tickets and hotel rooms. Which website would draw his attention?

________Mary had a baby last month. She is young and doesn't know how to care for her baby. Which website would help her?

________Lisa likes go shopping. She always feels tired after shopping around. She wants to find a website on which she can buy kinds of things she likes.

A. The site provides hundreds of English reading materials in different levels. Whether you are a low beginner or a high beginner,you can find something for you here. You don't need to pay. Just sign up!

B. The site offers you a web school to study English. The classes are small—- no more than 10 students. Native teachers are always here to help you. We have daytime classes,evening classes and weekend classes. Just go to our website and see which you'd like to order(订购).

C. It is the most popular travel websites in the UK. It offers oversea travelers information about British sights,traffic,culture,and so on.

D. This site tells you how to teach and look after the babies. Also many mothers in the site forum (论坛) talks about their feeling and give their advice.

E. This is a well-known safe online shopping website. You don't need to go out to walk from one shop to another. Just click your mouse and pay,and sellers will send the things you bought to you in a few days.

F. Our website can get large discounts (折扣) on plane tickets and hotel rooms. You can save up to 70%. We negotiate (商议) discounts with our partners,and then let you know.

G. Our website offers you a way of travelling through network. Travelers contact people online who are willing to host them online. It only cost you little money.

(2020宽城.中考模拟) 根据短文内容,回答下列问题。

   At the age of 16,Einstein always played with a group of crazy kids. Because he was so busy playing,he didn't study enough and failed his final exam,

   One morning,when Einstein was holding a fishing tool and was about to go fishing with his friends,his father stopped him and said seriously,"Einstein,you're so crazy about playing that you failed your exam. I'm worried about your future."

   “What are you worrying about? Jack and Robert also failed,but don't they still get to go fishing?

   “My boy,you can't think like that," his dad said. "There is a story that people tell in our hometown. Listen to it now."

   “There were two cats playing on the top of a house. One cat was and fell down the chimney(烟囱) while holding the other cat. When the two cats climbed out of the chimney,one at the cats had soot(烟灰) on his face,while other cat's face was clean cat,the clean cat thought its face must be dirty,so it quickly ran to the riverside and washed its face. The soot-faced cat saw the clean-faced cat and thought its face was also clean,so it just walked down the street happily”

   "Einstein,no one can be your 'mirror'. You have to think for yourself. If you follow others,you will never learn."

   Hearing this,Einstein laid down his fishing tool and returned to his room. He studied hard and didn't follow others from then on. This allowed him to be successful.

   So,what kind of people do you usually hang out with? Do they study a lot or do they just want to play all the time? Don't blindly follow others.

(1) Who did Einstein always play with when hewas 16?
(2) Why did Einstein's father worry about Einstein'sfuture?
(3) Where did one of the cats clean its face?
(4) How did Einstein become successful?
(5) What does the passage want to tell us?