—I want to know ________. —Miss Black.



(2020广东.中考模拟) —I want to know ________.

—Miss Black.

A . who do you want to travel with B . who else can you see C . who really cares about you D . who else did you call up


        据专家权威分析,该题主要考察了你对 陈述语序; 等知识点的理解和应用。


(2020宽城.中考模拟) The new invention can show us __________________ every day through the eyes of an animal.
A . what color is the world B . what the world looks like C . what the weather was like D . what were the people doing
(2020道里.中考模拟) —Do you know ________?

—Sure. In July last year.

A . how waste sorting (分类) in Shanghai start B . what did waste sorting in Shanghai start C . when waste sorting in Shanghai started
(2020河北.中考模拟) — What did the manager ask you after the meeting?

— She asked me ___________________.

A . what I do for the project last week B . if can I finish the work on time C . how did I deal with the problem D . why I was late for the meeting
(2020景.中考模拟) — Tom,can you tell me __________________ to Lao She Tea House tomorrow?

— By subway.

A . how will you go B . how did you go C . how you will go D . how you went
(2020平阳.中考模拟) — Excuse me,could you tell me ________________________?

— Sure,at eight o'clock tomorrow morning. Don't be late!

A . when the meeting will start B . what the meeting is about C . who will attend the meeting D . how long the meeting will last